TRB 2018 Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting - Washington D.C., USA

CONTROLS Group have completed another successful TRB Conference and Exhibition.
TRB 2018 was our most successful year with many customers taking the time to visit our booth to view the exciting range of testing systems.

IPC Global | Controls Group systems included the newElectromechanical ServoActuation (EmS)
AMPTQube and AsphaltQube, the new Galileo gyratory compactor and the Pavelab50 Automatic Closed-system Asphalt Analyzer.

Our combined team from CONTROLS Group USA, Controls Milan, Controls Mexico and dealers from South and Central America contributed to making the 2018 TRB Exhibition and 50th Anniversary Celebration of Controls Group one of the most enjoyable occasions in our calendar.

We would like to thank all those customers who supported us by visiting the booth, our dealers for making the trip to Washington and for all the CONTROLS Group staff who contributed to make TRB 2018 such a successful exhibition.

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