Vibrating hammer for P.R.D. specimens

EN 12697-10 | EN 12697-9 | EN 12697-32

Main Features

  • Constant speed with variable speed control
  • Durable aluminium housing
  • Soft grip and shock-absorbing handle
  • Easy to change tool by single-step holder
  • Variable lock mechanism to adjust tool at 12-step angle
  • Functional and robust design
  • ordering info
    • 33-T8702
      Vibrating hammer. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
  • accessories
    • Supporting frame and tamping feet

      Supporting frame for vibrating hammer.
      • Weight: 80 kg approx.

      Small tamping foot, 102 mm dia., head only

      Large tamping foot, 146 mm dia., head only

      33-T0087/8A  Shank, 300 mm long

      P.R.D. mould

      P.R.D. Split mould and baseplate

      Used to determine the degree of compaction of asphalt for road quality control testing. The unit consists of a mould split vertically on one side together with a clamp-attached base plate. Plated for protection agaist corrosion.
      • Weight approx.: 12 kg

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