Automatic compression testers for cylinders and blocks, 3000 kN (660 klbf) cap. PILOT

ASTM C39 | AASHTO T22 | ASTM C140 | ASTM C1314

Main Features

  • Four column, rigid welded steel construction
  • Premium Heavy Duty spherical seat and rectangular platens 310x410x90 mm (12.2”x16.1”x3.5”) for testing blocks according to ASTM C140 and ASTM C1314
  • Upper platen and spherical seat are mounted on an axial screw assembly allowing easy adjustment of vertical clearance using slotted distance pieces.
  • Innovative upgrading kit for easily switch of the spherical seat assembly for testing cylinders to ASTM C39, resulting a multi-testing unit!
  • Class A accuracy to ASTM E74 starting from 10% of full scale. Special calibration procedure to obtain Class A from 1% available as option.
  • Automatic control of test execution conforming to Standards
  • Dual user interface display and PC
  • Compatible with the new intuitive easy to use DATA MANAGER Software
  • Reduced power consumption and silent operation by ES Energy Saving Technologies
  • Double stage hydraulic pump with rapid approach: high throughput of tests (up to 40/hour)
  • Soft platen-to-specimen contact and smooth load rate from the ramp start
  • Optional control of a second and third frame
  • Optional internal graphic printer including Load-Time plot
  • Remote verification of settings and performances for malfunctions debugging
  • Storage of up to 10 test profiles for each channel for quick start
  • tecnical specifications
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      Model 50- A39C02 (A39C12**)
      A39C04 (A39C14**)
      Capacity kN (lbf) 3000 (660,000)
      Max vertical daylight, mm* (inches) 260 (10.2”)
      Max. vertical daylight with 50-A39/CYL set 370 (14.6”)
      Horizontal daylight, mm (inches) 370 (14.6”)
      Max. piston travel*, mm (inches) 50 (2")
      Platen dimensions, mm (inches) 310 x 410 x 90 mm
       (12.2” x 16.1” x 3.5”)
      Platen surface hardness 55.5 HRC (600 HV)
      Platens flatness toll, mm (inches) 0.02 mm (0.0008")
      Overall dimensions, mm (inches) 925 x 510 x 1670 (36.4" x 20.1" x 65.7")
      Weight approx., kg 980
      *Use distance pieces conforming to the specimen size to avoid piston overtravel.
      ** These machines are calibrated in lbf unit.
  • ordering info
    • 50-A39C02
      PILOT Compact-line 3000 kN cap. automatic ASTM compression tester for blocks. 230 V, 50-60Hz, 1 ph
      as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph
  • accessories
    • Machine Accessories

      Slotted distance pieces to adjust the vertical daylight, to suit the size of the specimen

      Slotted distance piece dia. 195 x 100 mm

      Slotted distance piece dia. 195 x 68 mm

      Slotted distance piece dia. 195 x 50 mm

      Slotted distance piece dia. 195 x 40 mm

      Datamanager PC Software suitable for remote control of the machine, data acquisition, processing and filing. Allows printout of customized test certificates.

      Fragment guard lock switch
      Fragment guard lock switch. To prevent test execution with the front door open (optional)

      Test Accessories

      Splitting tensile test device for cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm (6.3”x12.6”). Conforming to EN 12390-6 and ASTM C496

      Hardboard strips 4 x 14 x 345 mm for 50-C9000/C conf. to EN Standards. Pack of 50.

      Hardboard strips 4 x 14 x 345 mm for 50-C9000/C conf. to ASTM Standards. Pack of 50.

      Compression device to test portions of 40x40x160 prisms broken in flexure to ASTM C349. High stiffness model. Total height 225mm.

      Flexural test device for concrete beams 100x100x400/500 and 150x150x600/750 mm, to EN 12390-5, ASTM C78, ASTM C293 and AASHTO T97

      Unbonded caps
      This method is used as an alternative to the sulphur capping. The system consists of two alloy steel cap retainers and two neoprene pads which are in contact with the upper and lower concrete surfaces. Pads can be re-used for many tests. Different versions available conforming to the size of the specimen.

      Capping retainers
      Capping retainers (couple) for 4” dia. concrete cylinders

      Capping retainers (couple) for 150 mm (6”) dia. cylinders

      Capping retainers (couple) for 160 mm dia. cylinders

      Neoprene pads
      Neoprene pads for 4” dia. cylinders. Set of two.

      Neoprene pads for 6” dia. cylinders. Set of two.

      Neoprene pads for 160 mm dia. cylinders. Set of two.

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