Digital deflection measuring system for suspended structures

Digital instrumentation for deflection measurement of structures, 58-C0239 complete system with 3 additional measurement elements (58-C0239/1 q.ty 3)
Datalogger (8 channels) included in deflection measuring system 58-C0239

Main Features

  • Modular system: basic configuration with 3 measuring units;
  • expandible up to 6 units;
  • rugged datalogger with integrated battery, suitable for use on site;
  • displacement transducers with 50 mm travel, accuracy 0.01 mm and 10 m cable allowing increase  manageable on site.
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Resolution: 24 bit
      • Number of channels: 8
      • Maximum range of inlet signal (without influence): 0-2.5 V
      • LCD graphic display 320x240 pixel (4.6”)
      • Battery operated : AA type rechargeable and replaceable (12 V-2.5 Ah).
      • Battery charger 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 1Ph included.
      • Recording intervals from 10 seconds to 10 hours
      • Watch: integrated with buffer battery
      • Recording support: removable SD memory up to 2 GB
      • Data format: TSV, BMP
      • Measurement type: relative or absolute
      • Interface: LAN, USB
      • Container: anti-crush
      • Dimensions (lxhxd): 270x120x246 mm
      • Weight: 3 kg approx.
      Displacement transducers and telescopic supports
      • Light alloy telescopic supports for measurements from 1.80 to 6 m. 3 pieces included.
      • Displacement transducers, pre-loaded spring type, 50 mm travel, accuracy 0.01 mm. 3 pieces included.
      • Weight (each unit): 5.5 kg approx.
      PC Software
      • Data and graphics displayed in real time
      • Possibility of analyzing graphics achieved by one or more channels simultaneously
      • Report creation with both in numerical and graphical format
      • Accepts LAN and USB connections
  • ordering info
    • 58-C0239
      Digital system for structural testing including No 3 aluminium telescopic supports with 50 mm displacement transducers and 3 cables 10 m long; 8 channel Datalogger; data acquisition and processing software; Carrying case and holsters for telescopic supports. 
  • accessories
    • 58-C0239/1
      Additional measurement element for 58-C0239 system, including one aluminium telescopic support (max. extension 6 m), displacement transducer 50 mm travel, 10 m cable and holster for telescopic support. 
      Weight 5.5 kg approx. 

      Flexible cisterns for loading structures and suitable equipment
      Made from polyster fiber in PVC envelope. Filled with water, used fot loading structures to measure deflexions. Available in different sizes:

      Models Dimensions, m Volume, m3 Weight, kg Cubage, m3
      58-C0239/10 2.5 x 2.25 x 0.70 2.5 18 0.07 (folded)
      58-C0239/11 2.5 x 3.50 x 0.80 5.0 25 0.1 (folded)
      58-C0239/12 3.75 x 4.25 x 1 10.0 45 0.2 (folded)

      Bleeding valve

      Filling / draining valve, 2"

      Draining hose

      Digital liter-counter, battery operator

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