Gyratory compactors for cement and concrete

Main Features

  • Ideal for mix design of No slump concrete
  • Two versions: standard and Research (with the measurement of the shear resistance during compaction)
  • Conforming to NT Build 427 (Scandinavian NORDTEST method)
  • tecnical specifications
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      Models 54-C0252/C 54-C0251/A
      Specimen size, mm 100 dia. x 90-130 high 100 dia. x 90-130 high
      Gyratory angle
      (calibrated by 40 mrad)
      2° 17” fixed Adjustable from 0 to
      50 mrad (2° 86”)
      Number of cycles Adjustable 2 to 512 Adjustable 2 to 512
      Rotation speed Adjustable 30 to 120
      Adjustable 30 to 120
      Vertical pressure (kPa) Adjustable 60 to 320 Adjustable 60 to 320
      Working air pressure 8 bar 8 bar
      Recommended air supply 10 bar with 5µm filter 10 bar with 5µm filter
      Vertical pressure gauge Range 0-10 bar Range 0-10 bar and
      0-4 bar
      Shear force measurement No By incorporated load
      Dimensions mm approx. 350x480x930 500x600x1100
      Weight approx. 55 kg 95 kg

  • ordering info
    • 54-C0251/A 
      Gyratory compactor for cement and concrete. Research version with shear resistance measurement. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

      Gyratory compactor for cement and concrete. Standard version. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.
  • accessories
    • 54-C0252/C1
      Indirect tensile strength tester for compacted fresh concrete. Portable device fitted with 600 kN load cell.

      Electronic apparatus for the setting and consistency time determination of fresh concrete.

      Low noise air compressor 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

      Spare parts

      100 mm dia. mould for concrete gyratory compactors

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