Universal flexural frame, 100-150 kN cap.

EN 1339 | EN 1340 | EN 12390-5 | ASTM C78 | ASTM C293 | EN 14488-5 | ASTM C1609 | ASTM C1018

Typical application of a 50-C1201/BFR frame as part of a complete testing system controller by ADVANTEST 9 console.
50-C1201/BFR fitted with bearers model 50-C1200/8
50-C1200/BFR fitted with accessory 50-C1200/3 (upper punch)
Detail of accessory 50-C1200/7 fitted on C1201/BFR frame
Detail of accessory 50-C1200/9 fitted on C1200/BFR frame

Main Features

  • For testing all standard concrete beams, kerbs, flagstones etc., using the suitable accessory
  • Large testing space
  • Two versions: with pressure transducer and load cell granting high accuracy for testing low strength specimens
  • Connectable to control consoles, Automax and Pilot compression machines
  • Piston return by counterweights
  • Piston travel limit switch included
  • tecnical specifications
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      Models 50-C1200/BFR 50-C1201/BFR
      Max cap. kN 150 100
      Load sensor Pressure transducer Load cell
      Horizontal clearance [mm] 720 720
      Max. vertical clearance [mm] with C1200/8 207 182
      with C1200/3 (upper bearer) 232 207
      with C1200/3 (upper punch) 213 188
      with C1200/4 and lower bearers included in C1200/3 181 156
      with C1200/7 383 358
      Distance between upper rollers (adjustable) mm 100, 150, 200, or single roller 100, 150, 200, or single roller
      Distance between lower  rollers (adjustable) mm 100 - 900 100-900
      Piston travel mm 130 130
      Overall dimensions (lxwxh) mm 950x1000x981 950x1000x981
      Weight approx. kg 130 130
  • ordering info
    • 50-C1200/BFR 
      150 kN cap. flexural frame, complete with pressure transducer and connection kit for separate control console. Rollers not included.

      100 kN cap. flexural frame, complete with load cell and connection kit for separate control console. Rollers not included.
  • accessories
    • 50-C1200/8 
      Roller bearing assembly for flexural frame serie C120x/BFR for centre and third-point loading tests to EN 12390-5, ASTM C78, C293. Bearers dimensions: 40mm dia. x 300mm

      Accessory for testing flagstones and kerbs to EN 1339 and EN 1340, including two loading supports and central loading roller 620 mm long, 40 mm dia. and top loading swivel jointed pad 40 mm dia. Weight  approx.: 45 kg

      Accessory to complete 50-C1200/3 to perform the third point and centre point flexure test to EN 12390-5, including two rollers 30 mm long, 40 mm dia. (one rmovable for centre point test; support p’late with cylindrical seat (roller span 100, 150 and 200 mm). Lower rollers not included. Weight approx.: 23 kg

      Set of platens dia. 165mm for compression test. Upper platen spherically seated. Vertical clearance approx. 359 mm with C1201 frame and 380mm with C1200 frame.

      Upper loading swivel joint 40 mm dia for flexural tests to EN 1340 on concrete kerb units. Suitable for frame series 50-C120x. Lower rollers not included                    

      Measurement of beam deflection and thougness
      Displacement transducer for measurement of crack opening

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