Rock classification hammer

ASTM D5873

Rock classification hammer with cradle
2 58-C0184
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    • 45-D0561 
      Rock classification hammer low impact energy 0,74 Nm. 

      Rock classification hammer, low impact energy 0.74 Nm. Complete with traceable calibration certificate
  • accessories
    • ASTM rock cradle

      ASTM rock cradle
      Universal model, can hold rock core samples from EX (21.46 mm) to NX size (54.74 mm dia.). The cradle comprises a vertical hammer guide fit to a steel plate of minimum mass conforming to ASTM D5873, and a magnetic “V” block that can be easily fit to the steel plate.
      • Dimensions: 220 mm dia. x 420 mm high approx.
      • Weight approx.: 27 kg
      Calibration anvil

      Standards: EN 12504-2, ASTM C805, ASTM D5873

      Calibration anvil
      Used for calibration of concrete test hammer for concrete (model 58-C0181/C and 58-C0181/DGT) and rock classification hammer (model 45-D0561). Made from special alloy steel and supplied complete with traceable hardness certificate. It is essential for the periodical laboratory verification of the rock classification hammer.
      • Dimensions: 150 mm dia. x 230 mm height
      • Weight approx.: 16 kg  

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