Building materials: CONTROLS and the Politecnico di Milano enter into a three-year agreement

Milan (Italy), 7 June 2018 - Today the Politecnico di Milano and CONTROLS, a historic world leader in the production of testing equpiment and tools for the Civil Engineering sector, have entered into a three-year partnership which is due to start this coming academic year. This important agreement was signed by CONTROLS Chief Executive Officer Andrea Certo (Alumnus 1992 of the Politecnico di Milano) and by the University Chancellor Ferruccio Resta. This alliance brings together two areas of excellence in a common quest to help the huge potential of the Italian industry and academic world to emerge on an international level. CONTROLS operates in 121 countries all over the world and is in constant contact with the main stakeholders in the sector worldwide. The partnership hinges on the following main courses of actions:
  • CONTROLS will be sponsoring a course focusing solely on experimentation with materials and structures in the Civil Engineering sector;
  • CONTROLS will donate equipment suitable for developing experimental material characterization techniques, optimising drive systems as well as analysing and engineering test systems;
  • Promotion of test activities aimed at developing a universal hi-tech controller for dynamic testing machines for building materials.

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