Microlance instant moisture and temperature tester

MICROLANCE, instant moisture and temperature tester 48-D0462

Main Features

  • Suitable for sands, aggregates, building materials and mixes
  • Provides quick on-site moisture measurement from small batches to hundreds of tons
  • Ideal in the processes of concrete manufacture, brick making, ceramics etc
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Battery: 4x1.5 V AA cells
      • Typical range: Moisture 0-25%; Temperature -20 to 60°C
      • Resolution: Moisture 0.1%; Temperature 0.1°C
      • Accuracy: Moisture: better than 0.5% over a given range; Temperature: better than 0.5°C
      • Measurement principles:
                    - Moisture: temperature compensated electric field
                    - Temperature: BS 1904 DIN 751
      • Platinum resistance detector
      • Total length: 1.2 m (approx.)
      • Weight: 2 kg (approx.)
  • ordering info
    • 48-D0462
      MICROLANCE, instant moisture and temperature tester                                   

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