Sieves, EN, perforated metal plate

ISO 3310-2

Perforated metal plate sieves supplied complete with certificate of compliance.
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    • ISO 3310-2* TEST SIEVES OF PERFORATED METAL PLATE The New European standards also specify that: “Sieves with aperture size of 4 mm and above shall be perforated plate square hole test sieves. Below that size they shall be woven wire test sieves”.

      Nominal Code Code Code Code Code
      aperture 200 mm dia. 250 mm dia. 300 mm dia. 315 mm dia. 450 mm dia.
      4 mm 15-D2550/J 15-D2550/F 15-D3550/J 15-D3550/F 15-D4550/J
      4.75 mm 15-D2545/J 15-D2545/F 15-D3545/J 15-D3545/F 15-D4545/J
      5 mm 15-D2540/J 15-D2540/F 15-D3540/J 15-D3540/F 15-D4540/J
      5.6 mm 15-D2535/J 15-D2535/F 15-D3535/J 15-D3535/F 15-D4535/J
      6.3 mm 15-D2530/J 15-D2530/F 15-D3530/J 15-D3530/F 15-D4530/J
      6.7 mm 15-D2525/J 15-D2525/F 15-D3525/J 15-D3525/F 15-D4525/J
      7.1 mm 15-D2520/J 15-D2520/F 15-D3520/J 15-D3520/F 15-D4520/J
      8 mm 15-D2515/J 15-D2515/F 15-D3515/J 15-D3515/F 15-D4515/J
      9 mm 15-D2514/J 15-D2514/F 15-D3514/J 15-D3514/F 15-D4514/J
      9.5 mm 15-D2510/J 15-D2510/F 15-D3510/J 15-D3510/F 15-D4510/J
      10 mm 15-D2505/J 15-D2505/F 15-D3505/J 15-D3505/F 15-D4505/J
      11.2 mm 15-D2500/J 15-D2500/F 15-D3500/J 15-D3500/F 15-D4500/J
      12.5 mm 15-D2495/J 15-D2495/F 15-D3495/J 15-D3495/F 15-D4495/J
      13.2 mm 15-D2490/J 15-D2490/F 15-D3490/J 15-D3490/F 15-D4490/J
      14 mm 15-D2485/J 15-D2485/F 15-D3485/J 15-D3485/F 15-D4485/J
      16 mm 15-D2480/J 15-D2480/F 15-D3480/J 15-D3480/F 15-D4480/J
      18 mm* 15-D2479/J 15-D2479/F 15-D3479/J 15-D3479/F 15-D4479/J
      19 mm 15-D2475/J 15-D2475/F 15-D3475/J 15-D3475/F 15-D4475/J
      20 mm 15-D2470/J 15-D2470/F 15-D3470/J 15-D3470/F 15-D4470/J
      22.4 mm 15-D2465/J 15-D2465/F 15-D3465/J 15-D3465/F 15-D4465/J
      25 mm 15-D2460/J 15-D2460/F 15-D3460/J 15-D3460/F 15-D4460/J
      26.5 mm 15-D2455/J 15-D2455/F 15-D3455/J 15-D3455/F 15-D4455/J
      28 mm 15-D2450/J 15-D2450/F 15-D3450/J 15-D3450/F 15-D4450/J
      31.5 mm 15-D2445/J 15-D2445/F 15-D3445/J 15-D3445/F 15-D4445/J
      37.5 mm 15-D2440/J 15-D2440/F 15-D3440/J 15-D3440/F 15-D4440/J
      40 mm 15-D2442/J 15-D2442/F 15-D3442/J 15-D3442/F 15-D4442/J
      45 mm 15-D2435/J 15-D2435/F 15-D3435/J 15-D3435/F 15-D4435/J
      50 mm 15-D2430/J 15-D2430/F 15-D3430/J 15-D3430/F 15-D4430/J
      53 mm 15-D2425/J 15-D2425/F 15-D3425/J 15-D3425/F 15-D4425/J
      56 mm 15-D2426/J 15-D2426/F 15-D3426/J 15-D3426/F 15-D4426/J
      63 mm 15-D2420/J 15-D2420/F 15-D3420/J 15-D3420/F 15-D4420/J
      75 mm 15-D2415/J 15-D2415/F 15-D3415/J 15-D3415/F 15-D4415/J
      80 mm 15-D2416/J 15-D2416/F 15-D3416/J 15-D3416/F 15-D4416/J
      90 mm 15-D2410/J 15-D2410/F 15-D3410/J 15-D3410/F 15-D4410/J
      100 mm 15-D2402/J 15-D2402/F 15-D3402/J 15-D3402/F 15-D4402/J
      106 mm 15-D2405/J 15-D2405/F 15-D3405/J 15-D3405/F 15-D4405/J
      125 mm 15-D2400/J 15-D2400/F 15-D3400/J 15-D3400/F 15-D4400/J
      Pan and cover 15-D2004/J 15-D2004/F 15-D3004/J 15-D3004/F 15-D4004/J
      Pan only 15-D2003/J 15-D2003/F 15-D3003/J 15-D3003/F 15-D4003/J
      Cover only 15-D2002/J 15-D2002/F 15-D3002/J 15-D3002/F 15-D4002/J
      Frame only 15-D2001/J 15-D2001/F 15-D3001/J 15-D3001/F 15-D4001/J
      Receiver/Separator 15-D2000/J 15-D2000/F 15-D3000/J 15-D3000/F 15-D4000/J

      *Apertures conforming also to BS and DIN standards.

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