Sieves, EN, woven cloth

ISO 3310-1

Woven cloth sieves supplied with certificate of compliance to EN/ISO standards.
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      Nominal aperture Code 200 mm dia. Code 250 mm dia. Code 300 mm dia. Code 315 mm dia. Code 450 mm dia.
      20 µm 15-D2365/J 15-D2365/F 15-D3365/J 15-D3365/F 15-D4365/J
      38 µm 15-D2360/J 15-D2360/F 15-D3360/J 15-D3360/F 15-D4360/J
      40 µm 15-D2355/J 15-D2355/F 15-D3355/J 15-D3355/F 15-D4355/J
      45 µm 15-D2350/J 15-D2350/F 15-D3350/J 15-D3350/F 15-D4350/J
      50 µm 15-D2345/J 15-D2345/F 15-D3345/J 15-D3345/F 15-D4345/J
      53 µm 15-D2340/J 15-D2340/F 15-D3340/J 15-D3340/F 15-D4340/J
      63 µm 15-D2335/J 15-D2335/F 15-D3335/J 15-D3335/F 15-D4335/J
      75 µm 15-D2330/J 15-D2330/F 15-D3330/J 15-D3330/F 15-D4330/J
      80 µm 15-D2325/J 15-D2325/F 15-D3325/J 15-D3325/F 15-D4325/J
      90 µm 15-D2320/J 15-D2320/F 15-D3320/J 15-D3320/F 15-D4320/J
      100 µm 15-D2315/J 15-D2315/F 15-D3315/J 15-D3315/F 15-D4315/J
      106 µm 15-D2310/J 15-D2310/F 15-D3310/J 15-D3310/F 15-D4310/J
      125 µm 15-D2305/J 15-D2305/F 15-D3305/J 15-D3305/F 15-D4305/J
      150 µm 15-D2300/J 15-D2300/F 15-D3300/J 15-D3300/F 15-D4300/J
      160 µm 15-D2295/J 15-D2295/F 15-D3295/J 15-D3295/F 15-D4295/J
      180 µm 15-D2290/J 15-D2290/F 15-D3290/J 15-D3290/F 15-D4290/J
      200 µm 15-D2285/J 15-D2285/F 15-D3285/J 15-D3285/F 15-D4285/J
      212 µm 15-D2280/J 15-D2280/F 15-D3280/J 15-D3280/F 15-D4280/J
      250 µm 15-D2275/J 15-D2275/F 15-D3275/J 15-D3275/F 15-D4275/J
      300 µm 15-D2270/J 15-D2270/F 15-D3270/J 15-D3270/F 15-D4270/J
      315 µm 15-D2265/J 15-D2265/F 15-D3265/J 15-D3265/F 15-D4265/J
      355 µm 15-D2260/J 15-D2260/F 15-D3260/J 15-D3260/F 15-D4260/J
      400 µm 15-D2255/J 15-D2255/F 15-D3255/J 15-D3255/F 15-D4255/J
      425 µm 15-D2250/J 15-D2250/F 15-D3250/J 15-D3250/F 15-D4250/J
      500 µm 15-D2245/J 15-D2245/F 15-D3245/J 15-D3245/F 15-D4245/J
      600 µm 15-D2240/J 15-D2240/F 15-D3240/J 15-D3240/F 15-D4240/J
      630 µm 15-D2235/J 15-D2235/F 15-D3235/J 15-D3235/F 15-D4235/J
      710 µm 15-D2230/J 15-D2230/F 15-D3230/J 15-D3230/F 15-D4230/J
      800 µm 15-D2225/J 15-D2225/F 15-D3225/J 15-D3225/F 15-D4225/J
      850 µm 15-D2220/J 15-D2220/F 15-D3220/J 15-D3220/F 15-D4220/J
      1 mm 15-D2215/J 15-D2215/F 15-D3215/J 15-D3215/F 15-D4215/J
      1,18 mm 15-D2210/J 15-D2210/F 15-D3210/J 15-D3210/F 15-D4210/J
      1,25 mm 15-D2205/J 15-D2205/F 15-D3205/J 15-D3205/F 15-D4205/J
      1,4 mm 15-D2200/J 15-D2200/F 15-D3200/J 15-D3200/F 15-D4200/J
      1,6 mm 15-D2195/J 15-D2195/F 15-D3195/J 15-D3195/F 15-D4195/J
      1,7 mm 15-D2190/J 15-D2190/F 15-D3190/J 15-D3190/F 15-D4190/J
      2 mm 15-D2185/J 15-D2185/F 15-D3185/J 15-D3185/F 15-D4185/J
      2,36 mm 15-D2180/J 15-D2180/F 15-D3180/J 15-D3180/F 15-D4180/J
      2,5 mm 15-D2175/J 15-D2175/F 15-D3175/J 15-D3175/F 15-D4175/J
      2,8 mm 15-D2170/J 15-D2170/F 15-D3170/J 15-D3170/F 15-D4170/J
      3,15 mm 15-D2165/J 15-D2165/F 15-D3165/J 15-D3165/F 15-D4165/J
      3,35 mm 15-D2160/J 15-D2160/F 15-D3160/J 15-D3160/F 15-D4160/J
      4 mm 15-D2155/J 15-D2155/F 15-D3155/J 15-D3155/F 15-D4155/J
      4,75 mm 15-D2150/J 15-D2150/F 15-D3150/J 15-D3150/F 15-D4150/J
      5 mm 15-D2145/J 15-D2145/F 15-D3145/J 15-D3145/F 15-D4145/J
      5,6 mm 15-D2140/J 15-D2140/F 15-D3140/J 15-D3140/F 15-D4140/J
      6,3 mm 15-D2135/J 15-D2135/F 15-D3135/J 15-D3135/F 15-D4135/J
      6,7 mm 15-D2130/J 15-D2130/F 15-D3130/J 15-D3130/F 15-D4130/J
      7,1 mm 15-D2128/J 15-D2128/F 15-D3128/J 15-D3128/F 15-D4128/J
      8 mm 15-D2125/J 15-D2125/F 15-D3125/J 15-D3125/F 15-D4125/J
      9,5 mm 15-D2120/J 15-D2120/F 15-D3120/J 15-D3120/F 15-D4120/J
      10 mm 15-D2115/J 15-D2115/F 15-D3115/J 15-D3115/F 15-D4115/J
      11,2 mm 15-D2110/J 15-D2110/F 15-D3110/J 15-D3110/F 15-D4110/J
      12,5 mm 15-D2105/J 15-D2105/F 15-D3105/J 15-D3105/F 15-D4105/J
      13,2 mm 15-D2100/J 15-D2100/F 15-D3100/J 15-D3100/F 15-D4100/J
      14 mm * 15-D2096/J 15-D2096/F 15-D3096/J 15-D3096/F 15-D4096/J
      16 mm 15-D2095/J 15-D2095/F 15-D3095/J 15-D3095/F 15-D4095/J
      19 mm 15-D2090/J 15-D2090/F 15-D3090/J 15-D3090/F 15-D4090/J
      20 mm 15-D2085/J 15-D2085/F 15-D3085/J 15-D3085/F 15-D4085/J
      22,4 mm 15-D2080/J 15-D2080/F 15-D3080/J 15-D3080/F 15-D4080/J
      25 mm 15-D2075/J 15-D2075/F 15-D3075/J 15-D3075/F 15-D4075/J
      26,5 mm 15-D2070/J 15-D2070/F 15-D3070/J 15-D3070/F 15-D4070/J
      31,5 mm 15-D2065/J 15-D2065/F 15-D3065/J 15-D3065/F 15-D4065/J
      37,5 mm 15-D2060/J 15-D2060/F 15-D3060/J 15-D3060/F 15-D4060/J
      40 mm 15-D2055/J 15-D2055/F 15-D3055/J 15-D3055/F 15-D4055/J
      45 mm 15-D2050/J 15-D2050/F 15-D3050/J 15-D3050/F 15-D4050/J
      50 mm 15-D2045/J 15-D2045/F 15-D3045/J 15-D3045/F 15-D4045/J
      53 mm 15-D2040/J 15-D2040/F 15-D3040/J 15-D3040/F 15-D4040/J
      56 mm 15-D2035/J 15-D2035/F 15-D3035/J 15-D3035/F 15-D4035/J
      63 mm 15-D2030/J 15-D2030/F 15-D3030/J 15-D3030/F 15-D4030/J
      75 mm 15-D2025/J 15-D2025/F 15-D3025/J 15-D3025/F 15-D4025/J
      80 mm 15-D2020/J 15-D2020/F 15-D3020/J 15-D3020/F 15-D4020/J
      90 mm 15-D2015/J 15-D2015/F 15-D3015/J 15-D3015/F 15-D4015/J
      100 mm 15-D2010/J 15-D2010/F 15-D3010/J 15-D3010/F 15-D4010/J
      125 mm 15-D2005/J 15-D2005/F 15-D3005/J 15-D3005/F 15-D4005/J
      Pan and cover 15-D2004/J 15-D2004/F 15-D3004/J 15-D3004/F 15-D4004/J
      Pan only  15-D2003/J 15-D2003/F 15-D3003/J 15-D3003/F 15-D4003/J
      Cover only  15-D2002/J 15-D2002/F 15-D3002/J 15-D3002/F 15-D4002/J
      Frame only  15-D2001/J 15-D2001/F 15-D3001/J 15-D3001/F 15-D4001/J
      Receiver/separator 15-D2000/J 15-D2000/F 15-D3000/J 15-D3000/F 15-D4000/J

      * Apertures conforming also to BS, NF, DIN, UNE, UNI standards.

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