Internal angle measurement apparatus ILS

EN 12697-31 Annex C | ASTM D7115 | AASHTO T344

Internal angle measurement apparatus ILS 76-PV0255
Complete set of 76-PV0255
ILS Certificates

Main Features

  • Accurate calibration of internal angle of Gyratory compactors and verification of frame stability, to international Standards
  • Quick and accurate measurement of the internal gyratory angle: less than 30 minutes
  • No hot mix required: when, placed into the mould, the device reproduces the internal shearing forces generated by the hot mix during compaction
  • Ideal for periodic verification of the internal gyratory angle
  • Compatible with any make of Gyratory compactors
  • Battery operated
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Battery operated
      • Reproducibility is in 0.01° Class, fitting to all Standards
      • Overall dimensions: 150 mm dia., 115 mm high
      • Weight approx.: 5.6 kg
  • ordering info
    • 78-PV0255    
      ILS device for internal angle measurement for Gyratory compactors, conforming to EN 12697-31, annex C. Complete with Excel Macro and PC connection cable                                        
  • accessories
    • 78-PV0255/1
      Calibrator blocks for ILS, set of two different angles, supplied with factory certificate

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