Dyna - Track Single Wheel Tracker

EN 12697-22

DYNA-TRACK Single wheel tracker
Detail of the loaded wheel mechanism
Sketches of the adaptor supplied with the Dyna-Trach, with the sample confinement frame

Main Features

  • Automatic test control by data acquisition and processing system
  • Large permanent memory to store test data and results
  • RS 232 ports for connection to PC and printer
  • Real time display of number of cycles, rut depth and temperatures
  • Tracks for specified number of passes or to specific rut depth
  • Adjustable load cycle frequency
  • Double temperature measurement: inside the specimen and in the cabinet
  • Test temperature range from ambient to 65°C
  • Motorized loading arm for easy positioning
  • Double glazed doors for observation of testing cycle
  • Testing software included for procedures EN, A and B, and custom defined
  • tecnical specifications
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      Wheel Tracker:
      • Conforming to EN 12697-22 Small scale device
      • Table displacement with adjustable speed by inverter
      • Motorized vertical adjustment of the loading arm
      • Wheel with solid rubber tyre 200 mm external dia.
      • Wheel weight 700 N (900 N available on request)
      • Suitable for large core specimens and slabs up to 400x300 mm.
      • Slab thickness from 25 to 100 mm
      • 25 mm stroke transducer with resolution better than 0.1 mm
      • Integral temperature controlled cabinet
      • Test temperature range adjustable from environment to 65°C
      • Double glazed doors for test monitoring
      • 16 bit microprocessor.
      • One CPU card to control both test data visualization, temperature control, database and internal functions management control.
      • Large permanent memory to store test results.
      • 10 key membrane touch keyboard.
      • 240 x 128 pixel graphical display.
      • RS 232 output for PC connection.
      • Language selection.
      • Clock/Calendar system.
      • Fully automatic test control
      • Test setting menu, complete with descriptive sample parameters.
      • Calibration menu to set and check temperature, table speed and displacement, and featuring a special function for manual control of the test performance.
      • Test performance menu with simultaneous display of all the test data (including real time table speed).
      • Internal database up to 100 tests. Each test can be downloaded to a PC, displayed, printed or deleted.
      • Download to PC via RS 232 serial port.
      • Data processing to EN 12697-22 Small scale device, procedure A and B, and customised test
      • Windows XP® compatible software, for printing of test certificates and multiple test processing (mean values).
      • Automatic stop of climatic chamber and moving table when opening the door

  • ordering info
    • 78-PV3502 
      DYNA-TRACK, Wheel tracking machine. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

      DYNA-TRACK, Wheel tracking machine. 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph
  • accessories
    • Sample confinement frames

      Sample confinement frame, size 400x300 mm, 25 mm high

      Sample confinement frame, size 400x300 mm, 60 mm high

      Sample confinement frame, size 400x300 mm, 100 mm high


      Replacement rubber tyred rim  for wheel tracker

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