Indentation penetrometer

EN 12697-20

No Load Pre Load (25 N) Load (525 N) Detail of the weight positioning system, allowing to pass from No-Load to Pre-Load phase, then to Poad phase in a very fast, precise and safe way: by rotating the lower part, the load conditions are precisely applied, and the operator doesn’t have to apply or remove the heavy weigts from the apparatus.
86-D1408/D Digital immersion heater
80-B0163/2 Penetration test moulds 69 mm

Main Features

  • New weight positioning system, allowing in a very user-friendly and precise method to pass from unload to preload phase, then to load phase without the need to add/remove weights from the structure.
  • Four-columns frame structure, with high stiffness.
  • Piston position indicator, making easier the adaptation of the penetrometer to different height samples.
  • Stainless steel water bath included, for sample conditioning.
  • Water drain with drainage pipe included in the machine.
  • tecnical specifications
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      The asphalt indentation penetrometer is supplied with a stainless steel water bath, 500 N weights, interchangeable piston 1 and 5 cm2, 30 x 0.01 mm dial gauge, steel plate with dial gauge holder, calibration cylinder to EN 12697-20, complete with certificate. A range of accessories to create 70 mm mastic asphalt cubes and a water temperature controller are available including the Digital immersion heater-agitator 86-D1408/D to heat water at the testing temperature conforming to Standard (22 or 40 °C). See accessories
      • Dimensions (wxdxh): 430x530x955 mm (700 mm without weights)
      • Weight approx.: 115 kg
  • ordering info
    • 80-B0163/C 
      Asphalt indentation penetrometer.
  • accessories
    • 80-B0163/1
      Cube mould 70.7 mm

      Penetration test mould 69 mm

      Digital immersion heater-agitator 

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