Indirect tensile test for UTM, AST Pro, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube

ASTM D4123 | EN 12697-26C | AASHTO TP31 | BS DD 213 | AASHTO T322 | ASTM D7369 | AS 2891.13.1 | AASHTO TP9 | NCHRP 1-28A Appendix 1 | EN 12697-24 Annex E

Indirect tensile test for UTM, AST Pro and AsphaltQube 79-PV70110
Lateral section of indirect tensile test for UTM, AST Pro and AsphaltQube 79-PV70110
Indirect tensile test for AMPT Pro and DynaQube 79-PV71400

Main Features

 The Indirect Tensile Jig and Upgrade Kits are designed to meet the requirements of a range of testing standards and are the perfect accessories to complement your IPC Global Servo-Hydraulic, Servo-Pneumatic Universal Testing System, AsphaltQube or Asphalt Standards Tester. 

  • Precision engineered
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Integrated LVDT holders
  • Constructed using stainless and nitrite hardened steel
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Size (hxdxw): 275 x 285 x 200 mm
      • Weight: 9 kg
  • ordering info
    • 79-PV70110
      Indirect tensile jig base and platen assembly for 100 and 150 mm specimen sizes to AASHTO TP31, AS 2891.13.1, ASTM D4123, BS DD 213, EN 12697-26C, AASTHO T322 / TP9, ASTM D7369 / NCHRP1-28A 1 and EN 12697-24 E for UTM systems, AST Pro and AsphaltQube.

      Multi-Indirect tensile test jig to ASTM D7369 and NCHRP 1-28A Appendix 1 for AMPT Pro and AMPTQube

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