AUTOMAX MULTITEST computerized control console

ASTM C1550 | ISO 6784 | ASTM C469 | DIN 1048 | UNI 6556 | EN 14651 | EN 14488-3 | EN 14488-5 | EN 13412 | EN 13286-43 | ASTM C1609 | EN 12390-13 | BS 1888: 121

Main Features

  • Suitable for any kind of test from basic failure tests (compression, flexure, splitting, tension) through cyclic tests for elastic modulus and poisson ratio determination up to advanced displacement controlled tests
  • Suitable for any type of sample, can be connected up to 4 frames ranging from 15 kN up to 5000 kN in compression and 500 kN in tension
  • Suitable for any budget: the machine can be upgraded in step-by-step investments by adding suitable testing frames, accessories and dedicated software packages 
  • Suitable for any user: 4 easy-to-use software packages available, each one tailored for a specific test method, guiding the operator through all the test phases
  • Test cycle with closed loop PID control automatically performed by pressing the start button via PC
  • DC-driven variable speed pump for silent operation, energy saving and highly accurate drop-by-drop oil flow for precise control during complex tests
  • 500 Hz high control frequency for optimum oil pressure adjustment during critical tests 
  • Double frame control, expandable to four, with active frame selection via software
  • Soft platen-to-specimen contact and smooth load rate control from very beginning of the ramp

  • tecnical specifications
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      • Dual stage pump: centrifugal low pressure for fast approach and automatic switching to radial multi-piston high pressure for loading
      • DC motor. 720 W, 50-60 Hz
      • Maximum working pressure 700 bar
      • Third and fourth frame option, active frame selection by software
      • Flow-sharing technology to perform loading and unloading cycles
      • ES Energy Saving technology to reduce power consumption and silent operation
      • 131.000 points effective resolution
      • High frequency closed-loop P.I.D. control
      • Control frequency 500 Hz                       
      • Sampling rate 500 Hz      
      • 4 channels for load sensors (pressure transducers and load cells)
      • 6 channels to measure strain values with transducers (LVDT, magnetostrictive, potentiometetric)
      • 4 channels for strain measurement with strain gauges
      • Memorization of the calibration curve enables sensors to be connected and used immediately
      • Digital linearization of the calibration curve (multi-coefficient)
      PC and software

      Main software MULTITEST allows:

      • Remote control of the whole system and automatic execution of test including: fast approaching, zeroing, test execution, numerical and graphical management of test results, etc.   
      • Active frame selection via software  
      • Printing and saving of customized test reports both for single and batch tests in Excel format    
      • Multi-language selection, customizable with a further local language (only latin characters).
      • Automatic load measurement verification procedure including data acquisition and printing of traceable calibration certificates, when the PC is connected to the digital readout unit mod. 82-P0801/E and the suitable load cells
      • the use of 4 software packages each one tailored for a specific test method          
      DATAMANAGER software package (included) for compression, indirect tensile, 3 points and 4 points flexural tests on different types of specimens           

      E-MODULE software package (optional, see Upgrading Option) for Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio determination allowing: 
      • Free unlimited programmable load/stress cycles to fulfill any kind of test procedure       
      • Real time monitoring of test data, stress/time, stress/axial strain, stress/lateral strain graphs     
      • Automatic verification of sample positioning and sensors functionality, as per standards requirements     
      • Automatic calculation of test results as per Standards requirements
      UTS software package (optional, see Upgrading Option) for steel tensile testing allowing:
      • load/stress control
      • crosshead separation control
      • simultaneous display of: stress/elongation [mm], stress/time; stress/elongation [%] and elongation [mm]/time, with possibility to display multi diagrams
      • elaboration of tension test results: ReH, ReL or Rp, final elongation, etc. in conformity to EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and EN 15630-1 (for steel rebars)

      D-Control software package (optional, see Upgrading Option) for displacement controlled tests allowing: 
      • Automatic calculation of test results according to EN 14651, 14488-3, 14488-5, UNI 11039-2, ASTM C1550, C1609, C947, UNE 83515           
      • 8 test pre-set testing procedures according to the above Standards                           
      • Customizable test procedure allowing desired loading history                               
      • Possibility to change in real time the test parameters: target load/displacement, control variable, test speed.                          
      Physical specifications

      Power rating: 700 W
      Dimensions (d x w x h): 650 x 500 x 1350 mm
      Weight approx.: 100 kg

  • ordering info
    • 50-C20M82
      Automax Multitest stand alone power and control console for the control of up to 2 (expandable to 4) testing frames. PC included.
      230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. 

      Automax Multitest stand alone power and control console for the control of up to 2 (expandable to 4) testing frames. PC included.
      110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph.
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