Flexural frame for std beams, 100 kN cap.

EN 12390-5 | ASTM C78 | ASTM C293

Flexural frame 100 kN cap. complete with loading bearers 50-C0910/FR
Flexural test: two point loading and center point loading

Main Features

  • For testing concrete beams having 100x100mm and 150x150mm square sections
  • Complete with bearers
  • For center and third point loading
  • Connectable to control consoles, Automax and Pilot compression machines
  • Piston return by counterweights
  • tecnical specifications
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      Max. load capacity kN 100
      Load sensor Pressure transducer
      Max. vertical clearance mm 165
      Horizontal clearance mm 180
      Roller size mm 26 dia. x 160 long
      Distance between upper rollers mm 150, 100 or single roller
      Distance between lower rollers mm 450 and 300
      Piston travel mm 75
      Overall dimensions (lxwxh) mm, frame only 350x530x665
      Overall dimensions (lxwxl) mm, including pedestal 350x530x1343
      Weight approx. kg, frame only Including pedestal 105

  • ordering info
    • 50-C0910/FR 
      100 kN cap. flexure frame complete with rollers, pressure transducer, pedestal and connection kit for connection to control consoles 
  • accessories

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