Concrete test hammer

EN 12504-2 | ASTM C805

  • tecnical specifications
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      Main features:
      • Impact energy: 2.207 Nm
      • Measurement range: 10 to 70 N/mm2
      • Aluminium case, complete with carrrying case, grinding stone and instruction manual
      • Case dimension: 190x100x350 mm
      • Weight approx.: 1.5 kg

  • ordering info
    • 58-C0181/C 
      Concrete test hammer type N. Aluminium body. Supplied with hard plastic carrying case. 
      Conforming to EN 12504-2 and ASTM C805  

      Concrete test hammer type N. Aluminium body, supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate and carrying case.
      Conforming to EN 
      12504-2 and ASTM C805                                   

  • accessories
    • 58-C0184  
      Calibration anvil.
      Used for the periodical calibration of the concrete test hammer 58-C0181/C and 58-C0181/DGT. Made from special alloy steel.
      • Dimensions 150 mm dia. x 230 mm height.
      • Weight approx.: 16 kg

      Scale graduated in p.s.i. for 58-C0181/C and 58-C0181/C1

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