Adiabatic concrete calorimeter

EN 12390-15

Concrete adiabatic calorimeter
Temperature vs time graph displayed in real time during the test
Test report
Internal view

Main Features

  • Real time measurement of heat of hydration of 150mm concrete cube during hardening
  • Reliable evaluation of the heating process inside massive concrete castings
  • Calorimeter cell with minimized heat loss from the concrete sample for true adiabatic conditions
  • Evaluation of the heat of hydration taking into consideration the temperature reached by the concrete
  • tecnical specifications
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      - Up to 6 calorimter cells can be managed by the same PC software
      - Platinum PT 100 having 0.01°C resolution and 0.1°C accuracy 
      - Adiabatism error: less than 0.05°C/h 
      - PC connection via LAN cable
      - Internal SD memory for test data backup in case of temporary loss of communication with PC
      - PC software for acquisition, elaboration and printout of test data including:
      • concrete temperature vs time graph
      • cell temperature vs time graph
      • intrinsic of temperature rise
      • cumulative heat development

  • ordering info
    • 54-C2010/A
      Computerized concrete calorimeter for the determination of the heat of hydration to EN 12390-15.
      Comprehends: calorimeter cell with enclosure, temperature sensors, conditioning system, PID closed loop control system, PC software (PC not included).
      110-230V, 50-60HZ, 1Ph.

  • accessories
    • 82-P8000/PC
      High specifications desktop PC with LCD monitor.  Operating system: MS Windows pre-installed.   Top brand model fully covered by international warranty and serviced by global after sales  network. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 Ph      

      Spare 150mm polystyrene cubic mould   

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