Air and Water permeability test set. John Figg method

58-E0030 complete se
  • tecnical specifications
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      The apparatus comprises:
      • Digital manometer
      • Hand vacuum pump
      • Water syringe
      • Pack of 25 test plugs
      • Cup grinding wheel
      • Stailess steel surface chamber and clamping pliers, drill bits, anchors.
      • Carrying case and instruction manual
      Power supply: standard 9 V battery
      Case dimensions: 430x300x150 mm
      Weight approx.: 5.4 kg
  • ordering info
    • 58-E0030 
      Air and water permeability test set. John Figg method.
  • accessories
    • 58-E0030/1 
      Pack of 25 test plugs

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