Axial-circumferential compression device


Main Features

  • Ideal for axial deformation and diametrical extension measurement.
  • Suitable for dia.150x300mm (6"x12") and dia.100x200mm (4"x8") cylinders.
  • Easy and quick application to the specimen.
  • Two different types of measuring systems are available:digital dial gauges or high precision displacement transducers LDT type. 
  • the model fitted with displacement transducers can be connected to our readout and control units AUTOMAX Multitest, MCC and ADVANTEST or to our multichannels datalogger (see accessories and additional information for the proper configuration);
  • the model fitted with digital dial gauges can download readings to a PC with a dedicated cable (see accessories).
  • tecnical specifications
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  • ordering info
    • 55-C0221/D
      Axial-circumferential compression device complete with 2 digital gauges 25x0,001 mm with output for PC connection (special cable required, see accessories).

      Axial-circumferential compression device for cylinder dia.150x300mm complete with two high precision displacement transducer, LDT type, 10mm travel.        

      Axial-circumferential compression device for cylinder dia.100x200mm  complete with two high precision displacement transducer, LDT type, 10mm travel.        
  • accessories
    • 82-D1261/LINK
      Serial cable for PC connection (suitable for model 55-C0221/D)

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