Carbonation depth determination - CARBONTEST

EN 13295 | UNI 9944

CARBONTEST® kit for carbonation depth determination. Mod. 58-E0066
Drilling phase with powder collection for carbonation test
Application of phenolphthalein solution on the test tube with concrete powder
Carbonation depth analysis by colour changing through phenolphthalein application

Main Features

  • Innovative sampling design for measuring carbonation depth, based on the collection of powder.
  • Easy sampling: required only percussion drill, nonessential electrical power and water. Needless specific machinery, everything it’s necessary is included in the kit.
  • Especially light, handy and portable, it can be used by a single operator without recourse to specialized technical help.
  • No risk for the structure. The hole made is 10 mm across and it can be easily closed using the universal plaster for cement, included in the CARBONTEST® Kit.
  • Large accessibility to the test space.
  • A detailed and professional report is processed automatically by CARBONTEST® Software.
  • CARBONTEST® Reports set up real-time diagrams showing the spread of carbonation in order to estimate the working life of the structure.
  • Efficient, it can manage depth of carbonation testing whilst cutting financial and physical resources down to a minimum.
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Hole depth: maximum 40 cm
      • Hole diameter: 10 mm
      • Phenolphthalein: Sensitivity pH 8.3 to pH 10.0 test pass range
      • Dimensions: 390x340x140 mm (L x W x H)
      • Weight approx.: 3 kg
      CARBONTEST® Kit is provided with:
      • 1 no. picker to collect the powder. The bottom part of the ring ends in a funnel that directs the powder into the relevant test tube
      • 25 no. test tubes made of styrene acrylonitrile 18 cm long and with an inside passing width of 9 mm. The transparent container has a special thin cut along its length which lets the chemical reagent through while keeping the powder inside
      • 1 no. measuring ruler with graded notches in cm and inches, designed to fit into the hole and to measure the powder collected in the test tube
      • 1 no. bottle of 1% alcoholic solution of phenolphthalein , featuring a reaction range between pH 8.3 and pH 10.0 which determines a colour change to pink of the powder not affected by carbonation
      • 1 no. Pasteur pipette which makes it simple and easy to place the phenolphthalein along the thin cut of the test tube
      • 1 no. cartridge of universal plaster for cement, 250 g, suitable for smooth surfaces and for sealing the collection hole. Grey in colour, it can be polished and painted for indoor and outdoor applications at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C
      • 1 no. block of survey sheets specially researched and designed for use when performing the survey. These sheets can be used to write down the key information at the point of collection and the measurements made for each test
      • CARBONTEST® Report, processing software for creating a technical report, organizing the results of the collection in summary sheets and setting up diagrams of the propagation of carbonation in order to forecast the remaining life of the structure being analyzed
  • ordering info
    • 58-E0066
      CARBONTEST® Kit for the determination of the depth of carbonation, comprising: picker, 25 test tubes, ruler, phenolphthalein solution, Pasteur pipette, cartridge of universal plaster, block of survey sheets and dedicated software.

  • accessories
    • Spare parts
      Spare kit with 25 test tubes, 125 ml phenolphthalein solution, 250 g cartridge of universal plaster.

      Phenolphthalein set.

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