Concrete mortar penetrometers

AASHTO T197 | UNI 7123

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    • 54-C0143
      Conforming to ASTM, AASHTO and UNI standards, consists of a spring loaded device which is graduated from 1 to 100 daN, supplied complete with a set of needle pint of 650, 325, 160, 65, 32 and 16 mm2 area. A sliding ring indicates the load reached. Supplied complete with carrying case. Weight approx., 5 kg

      This pocket size penetrometer  has a stainless steel plunger 32.3 mm2 (1/20 sq. in.) area, graduated 0 to 5 MPa.Weight approx., 300 g

      This dial model has a stainless steel plunger 32.3 mm2 (1/20 sq. in.) area, 57 mm dia., dial with dual scale: 0 to 5 Mpa and 0-700 p.s.i. The readings remain locked in position until released by push button. The calibration can be easily verified with an ordinary balance. Weight approx., 200 g

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