Deep scanning metal locator


Main Features

  • Scans through solid concrete
  • Pinpoints the location and depth of target
  • Differentiates between steel rebar and copper pipe
  • Eliminates guesswork, needless holes, broken drills and saw blades
  • Essential tool for concrete contractors, remodelers, plumbers and electricians
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Battery: 9 V alkaline (not included)
      • Battery life: 1 year with normal use, with low battery indication
      • Position accuracy: Rebar/Copper pipe 14 mm dia. at a minimum grid spacing of 152 mm are located typically within 13 mm
      • Depth: up to 152 ± 25 mm
      • Size: 251x109x63 mm
  • ordering info
    • 58-E0058  
      Deep scanning metal locator

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