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Main Features

  • Ideal for mix design of the various types of No-Slump Concrete mixtures requested for production of: paving blocks, concrete paving slabs, rolled compaction concrete, masonry blocks, curbstones, roofing tiles, sewage pipes, hollow core slabs, structural members, extruded fresh concrete elements, concrete road construction with slip form paving finishers, in general directly stripped products.
  • Conform to Scandinavian standard NT BUILD 427 - Concrete, fresh: Compactability with IC-tester (intensive compaction tester).
  • Load cell fitted directly on the vertical actuator for accurate load measurement and feedback control
  • User defined axial stress and speed of rotation
    Easy control using the integrated 7" colour touch-screen control panel or connected PC.
  • Real-time direct shear and torque resistance measurement.  Automatic calculation of the compaction energy, an important parameter for Research (optional).
  • Automatic weight acquisition and density calculation with the integrated balance (optional).
  • tecnical specifications
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      Model Galileo 54-C20C02
      Consolidation pressure 25 – 2200 kPa for 100 mm diam.
      Gyratory motion and Vertical load Electromechanical
      Angle adjustment Manual
      Gyratory angle range 0 -3° ±0.01
      Gyratory angle measurement Angle measured and displayed during test
      Speed of gyration 5 – 120 rpm
      Number of gyrations 0 -9999
      Integrated Shear measurement Yes (optional)
      Moulds dimensions dia. 100 mm x 250 mm height
      User interface 7” 16:9 Touch screen color display (PC for data analysis)
      Connection LAN - Ethernet
      PC Software Available as option
      Extruder Hand-operated
      Balance Available as option with an accuracy of 1 g 
      Minimum specimen height 50 mm
      Maximum specimen height Up to 200 mm depending on mix type
      Height accuracy Better than 0,1 mm
      Suitable for water pouring test Yes
      Dimensions  (w x d x h) 480 x 900 x 2150 mm
      Weight approx. 400 kg

  • ordering info
    • 54-C20C02
      Galileo Concrete fully Electromechanical Gyratory Compactor.  Includes 100mm dia. mould and manual extruder.
      220 V, 50-60 Hz, 1ph.

      Galileo Concrete fully Electromechanical Gyratory Compactor.  Includes 100mm dia. mould and manual extruder.
      110V, 60 Hz, 1ph.
  • accessories
    • Accessories
      PC Software

      Cylinder mould, 100 mm dia., complete with top and bottom plates.

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