High stiffness flexural frame, 200 kN cap., DUPLEX

EN 1339 | EN 1340 | EN 12390-5 | ASTM C78 | ASTM C293 | EN 14488-5 | ASTM C1609 | ASTM C1018

Testing FRC beams - Parallel testing mode
Testing long specimens - Orthogonal testing mode
Compression test
Detail of piston travel displacement transducer

Main Features

  • High rigidity (200 kN/mm), especially suitable for testing FRC and sprayed concrete
  • Double testing mode: parallel and orthogonal 
  • For testing different kind of specimens (beams, flagstones, slab)
  • Max span between lower rollers: 1m
  • Load measurement by load cell or pressure transducer
  • Piston return by counterweights
  • Piston travel limit switch included
  • tecnical specifications
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      Models 50-C1500/FR 50-C1501/FR
      Max cap. kN 200 200
      Load sensor Pressure Transducer Load cell
      Horizontal clearance [mm] 720 720
      Max. vertical clearance [mm]* with 50-C1500/1 (4 points) 210 210
      with 50-C1500/1 (3 points) 304 304
      with 50-C1500/2 225 225
      with 50-C1500/2 + 50-C1500/3 290 290
      with 50-C1500/2 + 50-C1500/4 165 165
      with 50-C1500/7 445 445
      Distance between upper rollers (adjustable) mm From 100 to 200, or single roller From 100 to 200, or single roller
      Distance between lower rollers - Parallel testing mode (adjustable) mm From 150 to 600 From 150 to 600
      Distance between lower rollers - Orthogonal testing mode (adjustable) mm From 550 to 1000 From 550 to 1000
      Piston travel mm 130 130
      Overall dimensions (lxwxh) mm  956 x 1100 x 1188 956 x 1100 x 1188
      Weight approx. kg  250 265

      * The vertical daylight can be reduced by using the distance pieces already included useful to reduce the daylight by: 50mm and 100mm. Additional distance pieces are available as Accessories. 
  • ordering info
    • 50-C1500/FR
      DUPLEX - Parallel and orthogonal testing mode -  200 kN cap. high rigidity flexural frame,  complete with pressure transducer and connection kit for separate control console. Rollers not included.
      DUPLEX - Parallel and orthogonal testing mode -  200 kN cap. high rigidity flexural frame, complete with load cell and connection kit for separate control console. Rollers not included.
  • accessories
    • 50-C1500/1
      Upper and lower roller assembly for centre and third point test of concrete beams up to 200mm height, conforming to EN 12390-5 and ASTM C78, C1609, C1018, EN 14488-3, EN 14651.
      Bearers dimensions: 30 mm dia. x 210 mm long
      Weight approx: 40 kg

      Same as above but 30 mm dia x 310 mm length.

      Set of one upper and two lower roller assembly for testing paving flags, conforming to EN 1339
      Bearers dimensions: 40 mm dia. x 620 mm long
      Weight approx: 45 kg

      Swivel jointed loading pad for testing kerbs, conforming to EN 1340. To be used with support bearers of 50-C1500/2.
      Weight approx: 5 kg
      Upper loading bearers to perform the third point and centre point flexure test to EN 12390-5, including two rollers 210 mm long, 40 mm diameter. To be used with support bearers of 50-C1500/2
      Weight approx.: 23 kg

      Same as above but 40 mm dia. x 310 mm bearers

      Auxiliary testing frame for the measurement of deflection of FRC beams to EN 14488-3, 14651, ASTM C1609.

      Accessory for testing sprayed concrete slab to EN 14488-5. Including supporting square base and spherically seated loading element. To be completed with displacement transducers 50-C1500/9 and 50-C1500/8. 
      Weight approx: 100 kg
      Set of lower platen and upper platen spherically seated, 165 mm dia., for compression tests on small and low strength specimens.
      Weight approx:  19 kg

      Displacement transducer with 50mm travel for reading displacement of sprayed concrete slab centre under concentrated load.

      100mm displacement transducer for measuring the piston travel. Complete with attachments.
      Weight approx: 1 kg

      Distance piece 50mm thickness for flexure frame    

      Distance piece 80mm thickness for flexure frame    

      Rulers with graduation in inches

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