Hydraulic shrinkage mould with measurement apparatus

UNI 11307

55-C0100/MB11, 55-C0115/3D, 55-C0115/11. Apparatus for hydraulic shrinkage measurement
55-C0115/11. Steel pins to be glued on the beam ends surfaces
Hydraulic shrinkage mould with measurement apparatus, 55-C0100/MB11; 55-C0115/3D, 55-C0115/11
  • ordering info
    • 55-C0100/MB11
      Beam mould 100x100x500 mm

      Steel pins for concrete shrinkage determination to UNI 11307. Pack of 10 pieces.                    

      Shrinkage measuring apparatus with reference bar and 25.4x 0.001 mm digital gauge with output for PC connection (special cable required, see accessories)
  • accessories
    • 82-D1261/LINK 
      Serial cable for PC connection

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