Pilot SMART line, entry level automatic tester

The most convenient system for complete test automation, featuring ENERGY SAVING technology and advanced electronics.

Main Features

  • Accurate load rate control for quality testing
    An accurate and constant load rate application without large fluctuations (typically 10% of the pre-set value) not only guarantees testing to Standards and reliability of results, but also allows the test to be performed by operators who do not have experience.
  • The advantage of the test automation.
    The test cycle with closed loop digital feedback is automatically performed by simply pressing the start button. The load-time graph and the actual load rate are displayed in real time during the test. Correct test execution according to the selected Standard, is continuously and automatically controlled.
  • Energy Saving test system
    “ES technology” features accurate oil flow control, conforming to Standards, resulting in no oil dispersion, silent operation, cold oil temperature and low energy consumption  (save over 30% compared to traditional systems).
  • High flexibility: can control testing frames from 100 to 5000 kN
    PILOT can fit all our compression and flexural testing frames performing accurate and reliable tests also for low strength results. It can also be used for other make compatible hydraulic compression and flexural frames
  • Second frame control option
    PILOT can be upgraded, as option, with distributor block for the non simultaneous control of a second  frame as, for example, Flexural testing frame or Cement compression frame.
  • An ideal and economical solution to upgrade old existing testing systems for testing on concrete and cement and make it automatic!
  • Recording facility of up to 10 test profiles for each channel allowing quick and easy test start
  • tecnical specifications
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      The PILOT Control system features:
      • Dual stage pump: centrifugal low pressure high delivery for fast approach and automatic switch to radial multi-piston high pressure for loading
      • DC motor, 720 W, 50-60 Hz
      • Max working pressure 650 bar
      • Second frame connection as optional
      • Energy Saving technology to reduce the power consumption and silent operation
      • 132000 points high resolution / stability analogical channels
      • Touch screen graphic display 240x128 pixels, icons driven showing figures and diagrams
      • Large storage capacity on USB pen drive of test data downloadable to PC
      • Ethernet port for communication with PC
      • Integrated graphic printer as optional
      • Simultaneous display of load, specific load, actual load rate and load / time graph
      • LAN connection to PC for transmission, in real time, during loading, of load and time values
      • Easy firmware update through Ethernet port
      • Memory management with display of stored tests, download of data to internal printer or PC, delete single test or reset entire memory
      • Automatic multi-coefficient calibration with automatic storage of data without manual editing
      • Recording facility of 10 test procedures for each channel including: type of test (eg compression, flexural, indirect tensile), specimen size and shape, load rate, standard in use, and other general information. Each of the recorded test procedures can be activated by default to save time.
      • Compatible with the Data Manager 82-SW / DM software, new release tailored on the requirements of laboratories for construction materials, for real time data acquisition, display and management
      • 12 languages, Unit selection, etc.
      • Screen saver
      • Overall dimensions: (hxlxd) 1292x350x450 mm
      • Weight approx .: 80 kg
  • ordering info
    • 50-C10C02
      PILOT SMART line, Automatic control console, for connection of one testing frame. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

      PILOT SMART line, Automatic control console, for connection of one testing frame. 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph


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