Strain gauged column and tester for load transfer verification

EN 12390-4

82-P0804/E digital tester and 82-P0172/M serial printer
82-E0105/1complete with auxiliary platens and spacers for an easy and precise placing of the column either centrally or 6 mm displaced from the centre.
82-P0804/E Tester, 82-P0172/M Printer, 82-E0105/1 Strain gauged column cell and carrying case
Final Force Transfer Verification certificate. The complete document includes other 3 certificates concerning upper plate self-alignment, alignment and restraint of movement

Main Features

  • One cell only, 3000 kN cap., to test either the force accuracy and force transfer
  • Digital tester also connectable to other cells
  • Tester and column can be supplied with official calibration certificate issued by a European   accreditation laboratory
  • Suitable for calibration of Class 1 compression testers
  • tecnical specifications
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      82-E0105/1 strain gauged column
      • Non linearity and hysteresis: ± 0.1% FS
      • Repeatability: 0.03
      • Uncertainty:  0.05%
      • Dimensions: 100 mm diax 200 mm high
      • Weight approx.: 17.5 kg
      82-P0804/E Force transfer tester
      • Four channels
      • Resolution:
        1/128.000 used with 82-E0105/1 column
        1/256.000 used with load cells
      • Large permanent memory to store data and test results
      • Graphic display 240x128 pixel
      • Bridge impedance: 350 ohm
      • Dimensions: 250x220x150 mm
      • Weight approx.: 2 kg
  • ordering info
    • 82-E0105/1 
      Strain gauged column/load cell, 3000 kN cap.

      Force transfer digital tester

      Calibration certificate for load measurement shall be ordered separately when load cell will be purchased along with digital readout unit.

      Official ACCREDIA (EAL) calibration certificate   for the load cell connected to suitable digital tester for force verification. Calibration to EN  ISO 376, 10 points, 4 cycles. (increasing forces only). Suitable for load cells from >1000 to 5000 kN   
      Calibration certificate for force transfer can be provided on request.

  • accessories
    • 82-P0804/E1 
      Testing software for the automatic data acquisition and processing of the plate self-alignment and restraint of movement verification (stability) of compression testers.

      Testing software for the automatic data acquisition and processing of force measurements for the calibration verification of compression testers.

      24 column serial printer. 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

      Serial cable for connection of 82-P0172 printer

      RS 232 serial cable and RS 232 USB adapter

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