DIGIMAX TOUCH screen readout and data acquisition unit for CBR, Marshall, Indirect tensile and universal tests

82-P60R02 Digimax unit, front panel
82-P60R02 Digimax unit, rear panel
Digimax: test settings (CBR)
Digimax test options

Main Features

  • Large size touch screen display
  • Very easy to use menus with intuitive selections, self-explanatory icons, optimized test procedures
  • PC connection via LAN port allowing broader band, better stability and longer distance compared to the RS232 serial communication
  • Advanced calibration menus with linearization functions, driven procedures, safe storage
  • Unlimited data storage on USB pen drives
  • tecnical specifications
    • Scroll the table
      • Touch screen graphic display 240x128 pixel showing numbers and diagrams
      • Total number of channels: 4 totally. 2 channels are dedicated to load sensors and 2 channels are dedicated to displacement transducers. A maximum of 2 channels (1 load and 1 displacement) selected by the user can be contemporaneously used
      • Effective sampling rate up to 50 / sec
      • Effective resolution 17 bit
      • Data storage on USB pen drive (included)
      • Connection to PC via LAN port (basic communication software is included)
      • Multiple selection of language and units
      • Real time clock and date
      • Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 290 x 220 x 130 mm
      • Weight approx.: 3.4 kg
  • ordering info
    • 82-P60R02
      DIGIMAX TOUCH- Four channel readout and processing unit for load and displacement sensors, up to two channels can be used contemporaneously. Suitable for Marshall, CBR, indirect tensile and general purpose tests.
      110-240V, 50-60Hz, 1 ph.

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