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EN 932-5 | ASTM C127 | ASTM D1559 | ASTM D698 | ASTM D558 | ASTM D1557 | EN 1097-5 | ASTM C136 | ASTM D559 | ASTM D560 | BS 1924:1

Detail of external stainless steel lining “linen patterned” resistant to scratches and shocks
Detail of control panel

Main Features

  • Digital PID temperature control system
  • High temperature uniformity and precision
  • Over temperature protection
  • Stainless steel internal and external lining “linen patterned”
  • Forced convection airflow
  • 200°C max. temperature
  • Supplied complete with three grid shelves
  • tecnical specifications
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      Models 10-D1398
      Nominal capacity 780 liters
      Max. temperature 200°C
      Air convection Forced
      Power 4200 W
      Internal dimensions
      mm (approx.)(lxdxh)
      External dimensions
      mm  (approx.) (lxdxh)
      Number of grid shelves 3
      Weight approx.: 200 kg

  • ordering info
    • 10-D1398 
      Stainless steel, forced convection, digital laboratory oven, 780 l cap. 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph

      Stainless steel, forced convection, digital laboratory oven, 780 l cap. 220V, 60 Hz, 3 ph
  • accessories
    • 10-D1398/1 
      Spare grid shelves for 10-D1398 oven

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