Automatic system for uniaxial and triaxial tests on rock cores including stress path and permeability determination

ASTM D2664 | ASTM D2938 | ASTM D3148 | ASTM D5407 | EN 14580 | EN 1926 | ISRM | ASTM D7012

Automatic system for uniaxial and triaxial tests on rock cores, including STRESS PATH and PERMEABILITY determination
Layout of the automatic system for uniaxial and triaxial tests (with stress-path analysis) and permeability determination
Hoek cell fitted with permeability end cups for permeability test
Screenshot of a stress-path triaxial test on rock performed with the ADVANCED system (load vs. displacement and cell pressure vs. time diagrams)
ADVANTEST Software, Results of flexure test on a fiber reinforced concrete beam performed under deflection rate control

Main Features

  • Advanced testing system suitable for extremely variable materials, from soft sandstone to high-strength marbles
  • Determination of Elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio and strength characteristics of rock specimens under uniaxial and triaxial conditions including permeability measurement
  • Automatic performance of triaxial tests with combined control of axial load and confining pressure
  • Multiple failure stages triaxial test (stress – path mode) carried out automatically, the entire failure path is derived from a single specimen including post-peak softening phase
  • Suitable for prolonged tests
  • 19 bit effective resolution
  • Also suitable for load, stress, displacement and strain-controlled testing on concrete, fibre-reinforced and shotcrete specimens (with the relevant options and accessories)
  • Fully programmable test procedures including axial load and confining pressure levels and combinations
  • Integrated data acquisition and results elaboration including failure envelope plotting
  • Extremely flexible system ideal for research purposes
  • tecnical specifications
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      Hydraulic group
      • Max. working pressure: 700 bar
      • Max. oil delivery: 2 lpm at low pressure, 0.7 lpm at high pressure
      • 4 hydraulic ports for connection of test frames
      • Flow control via servo-controlled proportional valve
      • Oil cooling system with forced ventilation
      • 4 ON/OFF valves with electronic switch and remote software control
      Hardware and on board software
      • Maximum effective resolution: 1/524,000 divisions
      • 8 input channels:
        • 4 for load sensors (load cells or pressure transducers)
        • 4 for displacement transducers (potentiometric, LVDT amplified or analogical) and for deformation transducers (clip gauge, strain gauge)
      • Electrical characteristics of the conditioners:
        • VEXC: from 0.5 to 10 V DC selected via software
        • Single/dual ended input
        • Input signal from -2.5 to +2.5 V DC
        • Zero and gain adjustable via software
      • Data acquisition synchronized on all channels
      • 8 analogical outputs corresponding to each channel for possible use of an external data acquisition system
      • Test execution with control of:
        • Load/specific load
        • Displacement
        • Strain
      • Auto-diagnostic system including oil level and oil filter obstructed
      • 320x240 pixel local display
      • Storage of multiple calibration curves for immediate connection of different sensors
      • Low frequency Dynamic tests: max. frequency 0.1 Hz (depending on the wave amplitude)
      Physical specifications
      • Power rating 750 W
      • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz, 1ph or 230V, 60Hz, 1ph or 110V, 60Hz, 1ph
      • Dimensions (L x W x h) approx..: 470x410x1000 mm
      • Weight approx.: 120 kg, excluding PC and printer

      • Max. working pressure: 700 bar
      • Max oil delivery: 0.7 l/min
      • Flow control via servo-controlled proportional valve
      • 4 additional channels for strain / displacement transducers
      • Power rating: 750 W
      • Dimensions (L x W x h) approx..: 470x410x1000 mm
      • Weight approx.: 120 kg

      • Max pressure: 1700 or 3500 kPa
      • Pressure resolution: 0.1 kPa
      • Volume capacity: 250 cc
      • Volume resolution: 0.001 cc
      • No air compressor required
      PC and SOFTWARE
      • PC and printer of the latest generation
      • Remotely control the entire system. Display graphical and numerical data including multi-plot mode, e.g. 3 different deformation curves with respect to a single time axis
      • Execute tests and sequences of steps/cycles programmable by the user
      • Print out test reports
      • Allow the real time modification of the test parameters during the test execution, including active control channel
      • Language selection: English, French, Spanish, Italian, plus another language which can be created by the user
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  • accessories
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