Rock sample verification apparatus

ASTM D4543

Verification of end surface flatness of a core rock with 32-D0539/B apparatus
Verification of cylindrical surface straightness of a core rock with 32-D0539/B apparatus
Detail of dial gauge with magnetic holder and additional platen 100x180x8 mm included in 32-D0539/B
  • tecnical specifications
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      • “V” block dimensions: 85x85x250 mm
      • Additional platen 100x180x8 mm 
      • Digital gauge: 25.4 mm x0.001 mm
      • Suitable for cores dia. from 21 mm to 75 mm
      • Flat surface 300x300 mm available as accessory 
  • ordering info
    • 32-D0539/B
      Rock sample verification apparatus to ASTM D4543 complete with:                              
      - "V" block with dimension 85 x 85 x 250 mm     
      - 5x0.001 mm dial gauge with magnetic holder    
      - additional platen 100x180x8 mm                
      - 6 magnets for core locking                    
  • accessories
    • 32-D0539/B1
      Flat test surface 300x300 mm made in cast iron to be used with rock sample verification apparatus model 32-D0539/B.

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