Standard triaxial cells and accessories

BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | NF P94 070 | NF P94 074 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-8

Standard triaxial cells 28-WF0416/B, 28-WF0411/B, 28-WF0410/B
Standard triaxial cell accessories
28-WF4031/G Sample preparation set: cutter, wooden dolly and receiver.

Main Features

  • Maximum working pressure of 1700 kPa
  • Light alloy construction, stainless steel ram and O-ring seal
  • Suitable for submersible and/or external load cell
  • Four on/off no-volume changes valves fitted as standard
  • For sample sizes between 35 and 100 mm dia.
  • Suitable for total and effective stress tests
  • Rapid assembly design
  • Cells are designed to accommodate a specimen with a height twice its diameter
  • Pedestal, top caps, porous disc, rubber membranes and sealing rings are not included. See accessories.
  • tecnical specifications
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      Cell model 28-WF0410/B 28-WF0411/B 28-WF0416/B
      Max. specimen size
      Dia. x height
      50x100 70x140 100x200
      Max. working pressure 1700 kPa 1700 kPa 1700 kPa
      Max. load on the piston 45 kN 45 kN 45 kN
      Max height 380 mm 440 mm 515 mm
      Diameter 140 mm 174 mm 200 mm
      Weight approx.: 4 kg 7.3 kg 14.3 kg

  • ordering info
    • 28-WF0410/B 
      Standard triaxial cell for 35, 38 and 50 mm dia. samples

      Standard triaxial cell for 35, 38, 50 and 70 mm dia. samples

      Standard triaxial cell for 70 and 100 mm dia. samples
  • accessories
    • Triaxial cell specimen base adapters
      Each cell has to be completed with the base adapter corresponding to the specimen size as shown in the following tables. All adapters are perforated for bottom drainage/pore pressure measurement and are supplied complete with a solid disc for use in undrained tests.

      Cell code
      Specimen dia.
      28-WF0410/B 28-WF0411/b 28-WF0416/b
        Adapter codes Adapter codes Adapter codes
      35 mm 28-WF0410/A1 28-WF0411/A1 -
      38 mm 28-WF0410/A2 28-WF0411/A2 -
      50 mm 28-WF0410/A3 28-WF0411/A3 -
      70 mm - 28-WF0411/A4 28-WF0416/A1
      100 mm - - 28-WF0416/A2

      Triaxial cell accessories
      For specimens Dia. 35 mm Dia. 38 mm Dia. 50 mm Dia.70 mm Dia. 100 mm
      Porous top cap 28-WF0420/A3 28-WF0422/A3 28-WF0425/A3 28-WF0428/A3 28-WF0432/A3
      Pair of porous discs 28-WF0420/A4 28-WF4034 28-WF4054 28-WF4074 28-WF4104
      Membrane (10 pcs) 28-WF0420/A5 28-WF4035 28-WF4055 28-WF4075 28-WF4105
      O ring (10 pcs) 28-WF0420/7 28-WF4036 28-WF4056 28-WF4076 28-WF4106
      Membrane stretcher 28-WF0420/8 28-WF4031/A 28-WF4051/A 28-WF4071/A 28-WF4101/A
      O ring placing tool 28-WF0420/10 28-WF4031/B 28-WF4051/B 28-WF4071/B 28-WF4101/B
      Lateral filter drains
      50 pieces
      28-WF0420/A9 28-WF4031/E 28-WF4051/E 28-WF4071/E 28-WF4101/E
      Filter discs
      Pack of 100
      - 28-WF4031/F 28-WF4051/F 28-WF4071/F 28-WF4101/F
      Split sand former 28-WF0420/A6 28-WF0422/A6 28-WF0425/A6 28-WF0428/A6 28-WF0432/A6

      Cutter, wooden dolly and receivers
      Used to produce the soil specimen from a larger sample. Comprising cutter, wooden dolly and receiver.
      Stainless steel cutter tube and receiver.

      Complete set
      Size (dia.x h)
      Spare cutter tube
      Spare dolly
      28-WF0420/9 35x70 28-WF0420/91 28-WF0420/92
      28-WF4031/G 38x76 28-WF0422/91 28-WF0422/92
      28-WF4051/G 50x100 28-WF0425/91 28-WF0425/92
      28-WF4071/G 70x140 28-WF0428/91 28-WF0428/92
      28-WF4101/G 100x200 28-WF0432/91 28-WF0432/92

      Other accessories

      Platen adapter to fit 28-WF0410/B standard triaxial cell on Tritech 50 and 100 frames.

      Piston locking device to hold triaxial cell ram on triaxial cell model 28-WF0410/B5

      Water-repellent grease. 1 kg box

      Flaring tool

      Nylon tubing 8x6mm dia. (OD-ID), 10 m coil.

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