Dynamic pneumatic triaxial systems DYNATRIAX

ASTM D5311

Dynatriax system with 50 kN load frame, ±5 kN actuator and accessories
Software. Saturation
Software. Selection of the cyclic stage and set up of the relevant parameters
Software. Set up of the different stages of the test
Software. Stress path
Software. Cyclic stress controlled
Software. Transducer calibration
Software. Manual control procedure
Software. Cyclic shear
Software. Tuning panel waveshape

Main Features

  • Capability to perform Static (effective stress and stress path), Dynamic and Unsaturated soil triaxial tests
  • Three axis closed loop control for axial load or displacement, cell and back pressure
  • Automatic compensation of cell/back pressure during dynamic stage
  • Nominal operating frequency up to 10 Hz (depending on the test condition) 
  • Complete test automation of all test stages using an high sensitivity closed loop P.I.D. feedback 
  • Dynamic load/displacement options: up to ±25 mm with ±5 kN double-effect actuator
  • Available upgrade for Bender element testing and Local strain measurement
  • Standard and user defined wave shapes also derived from in situ measurements (from violent earthquakes to sedate ocean waves)
  • Test set-up by unique programmable Multi stage test procedure: during the test run, acces to all controls to expand and modify the stages according to the response of the soil specimen
  • Manual and automatic Emergency air shut-off function

  • tecnical specifications
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      • Dynamic load capacity: ±5 kN 
      • Static load capacity: 50 kN ( 100 kN available on request) 
      • Nominal operating frequency: up to 10 Hz (depending on soil and  test conditions)
      • Max diameter sample: up to 150 mm  
      • Max cell and back pressure: depending on max working pressure of air supply
  • ordering info
    • 31-WF7005 
      DYNATRIAX 50/5, PC controlled automatic dynamic triaxial system, including  ±5 kN double acting pneumatic actuator, 50 kN cap. load triaxial frame, CDC Compact Dynamic Controller 16 channels cap., testing software and PC. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 pf.

  • accessories
    • \#triaxial-load-frame-tritech\#
      \#triaxial-cells-for-advanced-applications\#. Tri-Cell plus models for 70, 100 or 150 mm dia. specimens
      \#airwater-pressure-system-and-controls-panels\#. Bladder air/water pressure cylinders.
      \#axial-strain-displacement-transducers\#. LVDT linear transducer ±25 mm travel

      Water distribution panel.
      Two pressure lines, complete with digital pressure gauge and hand pump.

      Air compressor, 10 bar max. pressure, 200 l capacity, 5.5 kW.
      400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.
      220 V, 60 Hz model available on request.

      Air treatment unit for the dehumidification of air, comprehending: air dryer, particle filter 5M, oil filter 0.01 M. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

      Air treatment unit for the dehumidification of air, comprehending: air dryer, particle filter 5M, oil filter 0.01 M. 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph.

      Note: for more information on the above components clic to the relevant positions.

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