Bromhead ring shear apparatus

ASTM D6467 | BS 1377:7

27-WF2202 with accessories for electronic measurement option
30-WF6207 Linear potentiometric transducer
Ring shear (operating principle)

Main Features

  • Microprocessor controlled drive system
  • Speed range adjustable from 0.001 to 180°/min
  • Rapid approach without any limit of rotation
  • Serial port RS 232 for PC remote control
  • Two measurement options: mechanical with load rings and dial gauge, and electronic with Data acquisition, with load cells,  displacement transducer and Geodatalog  Data acquisition system
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Speed range: 0.001 to 180°/min
      • Maximum shear stress: 500 kPa
      • Maximum vertical stress: 1000kPa (lever ratio 10:1)
      • Specimen dimensions: 40 cm2 (internal dia. 70 mm, external dia. 100 mm, thickness 5 mm)
      • Power rating: 570 W
      • Overall dimensions (lxdxh): 770x400x750 mm (excluding lever)
      • Weight approx.: 72,5 kg
  • ordering info
    • 27-WF2202 
      TORSHEAR, Bromhead ring shear apparatus. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
  • accessories
    • Electronic measurement option

      Pair of load cells 1 kN cap. with adapters

      Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel, complete with mounting block

      Ring shear Geo-Analysis template.

      Data acquisition system ( see the link products below

      Mechanical (manual) measurement option

      Pair of matched load rings, 1 kN capacity

      Dial gauge 12x0.002 mm

      Weights for vertical load

      Set of slotted steel weights, total 50 kg

      Stand (optional)

      Metal stand for 27-WF2202 apparatus


      Pair of porous stones

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