Ring shear machine - TORSHEAR EmS

ASTM D6467 | BS 1377:7

Main Features

  • Fully automatic standalone ring shear soil testing system for performing torsional ring shear test in drained condition to determine the residual shear strength of cohesive soil.
  • Managed by local user interface with 6” touch screen high resolution color display
  • Environmentally friendly and quiet with brand new Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology
  • Lightweight and compact, Torshear EmS can be placed on a standard bench. Maximizes use of space in your laboratory.
  • Smart and easy-to-use with removable load cells and displacement transducers. Simplifies testing, maintenance and calibration.
  • High-performing: Maximum vertical stress 1,200 kPa; Maximum shear stress 1,000 kPa
  • Infinite variable speed from 0.00001 to 1000°/min, with pre-shearing stage selectable and adjustable number of cycles of shearing.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean. Top-quality techno-polymeric materials offer excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and tear and to chemicals often mixed with soil specimens.
  • tecnical specifications
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      Maximum vertical stress: 1,200 kPa
      Maximum shear stress: 1,000 kPa
      Test Speed: from 0.00001 to 1000°/min
      Specimen dimensions: Internal dia. 70 mm external dia. 100 mm
      Sample area: 40 cm2
      Sample thickness: 5 mm (various thickness available on request)
      Weight approx.: 60 kg
  • ordering info
    • 27-WF22E02 TORSHEAR EmS – Electromechanical Servoactuation technology, ring shear testing machine. 220-100 V / 50-60 Hz / 1 PH           
  • accessories
      Data processing templates
      30-WF6016/T3 Ring Residual Shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to BS 1377:7
      30-WF6016/T16 Ring Residual Shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to ASTM D6467


      Sintered porous stone with special pattern design guaranteeing application of torsional force

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