Data acquisition unit, GEODATALOG 8

Geotechnical data acquisition unit - GEODATALOG8
GEODATALOG 8 Network mode: up to 8 units
CHANNELS CONFIGURATION PANEL_DATACOMM2: this panel displays all the connected units with their transducers. The transducers can be grouped and combined by the user for matching different applications
GRAPH PANEL_DATACOMM2: this panel displays recorded data for the selected test plotted on a customizable
CALIBRATION PANEL_DATACOMM2: this panel displays transducers details and tabulated and graphical calibration data, and contains functions for performing new calibrations, loading archived calibrations and uploading the data to the GEODATALOG 8
CHANNEL MANAGEMENT PANEL_DATACOMM2: this panel is for managing transducer calibration data and is also where the IP address and channel hardware settings of the GEODATALOG 8 units connected to the PC can be edited
TEST CONTROL PANEL_DATACOMM2: this panel is shown when a test is started and displays live readings for the selected group’s channels, with buttons for showing the recorded data on a graph or in a table. Each group has its own panel, allowing multiple tests to be monitored simultaneously.
GEODATALOG 8 and HYDROMATIC network mode

Main Features

  • Up to 8 independent input channels.
  • Network configuration of up to 64 independent channels.
  • LAN / Ethernet connection to PC via dedicated software (included).
  • Compatible with load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT/LVDT/potentiometric displacement transducers.
  • Effective resolution: 131,000  points.
  • Sampling rate up to 500 readings per second per channel.
  • Numerical and graphical display of readings via PC software.
  • Possibility to synchronize pressure and volume data coming from HYDROMATIC with data from the other transducers connected
  • The transducers can be grouped and combined  by the user for matching different applications.
  • It is possible to perform various tests (e.g. shear, consolidation, triaxial, … ) in parallel, each one having independent clock, channels and logging mode
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Requires connected PC
      • Number of channels: 8
      • Network mode: Up to 8 units
      • Sampling rate: Up to 500  readings/second per channels
      • Real resolution:131,000 points
      • Communication port: LAN / Ethernet
      • Excitation (VEXC): from 1 V to 10 V for each couple of channels (up to 4)
      • Datalogger input: 0-10 V; 0-20 mA
      • Software:   DATACOMM 2 (included)
      • Dimensions  approx lxdxh [mm]:290x195x61
      • Weight approx [kg]: 1.6 kg
      • Power supply: 110-220V,50-60 Hz, 1ph
  • ordering info
    • 30-WF6008
      GEODATALOG 8,  8 channels multipurpose data logger with dedicated software DATACOMM 2:
      - 8 independent analogue input channels 
      - Up to 8 instruments can work in a network creating a modular system with up to 64 independent channels.
      - programmable VEXC via software from 1 to 10 V for each couple of channels (up to 4).
      - Compatible with load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT / LVDT / potentiometric type displacement transducers and any type of conditioned transducer having output signal 0-10 VDC or 0 20 mA. 
      - Effective resolution: 131'000 divisions. 
      - Numerical and graphical display of readings. 
      - LAN / Ethernet connection to PC. 
      - Supplied with general porpose PC software allowing remote calibration of the channels, and fully comprehensive data managment.
      - Data exporting with ASCII  format.
      -  PC and cables not included.  
      - 110-230V / 50-60Hz / 1 Ph.
  • accessories
    • Cables (mandatory)

      Kit of four cables for connect  load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT / LVDT / potentiometric type  displacement transducers to DATALOG 8 and GEODATALOG 8 

      One cable for connect  load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT / LVDT / potentiometric type  displacement transducers to DATALOG 8 and GEODATALOG 8 

      Lan Hub
      LAN hub with 8 ports for Wykeham Ferrance devices

      Extension Cable
      Transducer extension cable, 6 m 
      Transducer extension cable, 12 m 

      Data processing: Geo Analysis Templates 
      Templates for different tests and Standards have been developed specifically for processing test data recorded by the DATACOMM 2 software.  The templates are MS Excel® based programs with easy-to-use functions for importing data files, calculating results,  producing test reports that conforms to the relevant international Standards

      Test Standard Ordering information
      Consolidation Incremental loading BS 1377:5 30-WF6016/T1
      ASTM D2435 30-WF6016/T8
      Swelling  ASTM D4546 30-WF6016/T8A
      CRS ASTM D4186 30-WF6016/T6
      Hydraulic consolidation BS 1377:6 30-WF6016/T12
      SWCC -Hydraulic consolidation - 30-WF6016/T13
      Shear Direct/residual BS 1377:7 30-WF6016/T2
      ASTM D3080 30-WF6016/T9
      Ring BS 1377:7 30-WF6016/T3
      ASTM D6467 30-WF6016/T16
      Triaxial Effective stress BS 1377:8 30-WF6016/T4
      ASTM D4767 / D7181 30-WF6016/T11
      Total stress BS 1377:7 30-WF6016/T5
      ASTM D2850 30-WF6016/T10
      Other tests Permeability BS 1377:6 30-WF6016/T14
      CBR BS 1377:4 30-WF6016/T7
      ASTM D1883 30-WF6016/T17
      Unconfined ASTM D2166 30-WF6016/T15

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