Hoek cells and sample extruder

ASTM D5407 | ASTM D7012

Main Features

  • Various Hoek cells dimensions are available: AX, 1.5", BX, NX and HQ types
  • Designed for high pressure capability
  • All models are fitted with two quick-release self-sealing coupling
  • One rubber sleeve is already included with the Hoek cell
  • tecnical specifications
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      Code D.C.D.M.A.
      Specimen size
      d x h [mm]
      Total height
      32-D0553 AX 30.10x60 213 2.50
      32-D0554 1.5 in. 38.10x75 264 4
      32-D0555 BX 42.04x85 263 6.50
      32-D0556 NX 54.74x100 304 13
      32-D0557 HQ 63.50x127 310 15

  • ordering info
    • 32-D0553
      Hoek cell, AX, for dia. 30.10x60 mm

      Hoek cell, 1.5 in., for dia. 38.10x75 mm

      Hoek cell, BX, for dia. 42.04x85 mm

      Hoek cell, NX, for dia. 54.74x100 mm

      Hoek cell, HQ, for dia. 63.50x127 mm
  • accessories
    • Accessories for compression test

      Pair of load spreader for uniform load distribution

      Distance pad to reduce the vertical clearance of the compression machine

      Hoek cell holder compatible with Hoek cell codes 32-D0553, 32-D0554,32-D0555 and 32-D0556. Not required for Hoek cell HQ type code 32-D0557
      Rock sample extruder

      Specimen extruder for Hoek cells series 32-D055x, requires adaptors series 32-D0577/x.
      Used to extrude the rock sample from its jacket thus avoiding to empty the confining fluid. It consists of a steel frame with a rack and pinion mechanism. Supplied without adapters. See the following table.

      Extruder adapters set, comprising two support cell body and shaft head.

      Adapter set code For specimen size For use with cell Weight approx. [kg]
      32-D0577/1 AX 32-D0553 1.7
      32-D0577/2 1.5 in. 32-D0554 1.7
      32-D0577/3 BX 32-D0555 1.5
      32-D0577/4 NX 32-D0556 1.5
      32-D0577/5 HQ 32-D0557 1.5
      Spare rubber sleeves

      Spare rubber sleeve, AX, for specimen dia. 30.10x60 mm

      Spare rubber sleeve, 1.5 in. for specimen dia. 38.10x75 mm

      Spare rubber sleeve, BX, for specimen dia. 42.04x85 mm

      Spare rubber sleeve, NX, for specimen dia. 54.74x100 mm

      Spare rubber sleeve, HQ, for specimen dia. 63.50x127 mm

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