Permeability cells

  • ordering info
    • 28-WF0194/A
      Permeability cell with brass valves for normal use

      Permeability cell with stainless steel valves for use with contaminated soils
  • accessories
    • Top caps, base pedestals and sample accessories
        Sample 70mm dia. Sample 100mm dia.
      Top cap and base pedestal
      for normal use
      28-WF0194/A1 28-WF0194/A2
      ap and base pedestal
      for contaminated materials
      28-WF0194/B1 28-WF0194/B2
      Porous disks 28-WF4074 28-WF4104
      Membranes 28-WF4075 28-WF4105
      o-Rings 28-WF4076 28-WF4106
      O-ring placing tool 28-WF4071/B 28-WF4101/B
      Suction device 28-WF4071/A 28-WF4101/A
      Two part split former 28-WF4071/D 28-WF4101/D

      Toxic interface chamber

      Template  for data processing 


      Permeability Geo-Analysis template. MS Excel application for importing test data, calculatingand plotting results and producing test report in accordance with BS1377: 6      

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