Automatic Computerized Oedometer ACE EmS

An advanced system featuring the PC automated control of the complete consolidation test

BS 1377:5 | ASTM D2435 | ASTM D3877 | ASTM D4546 | NF P94-091 | EN 17892:5

ACE EmS - Electromechanical Servoactuation, automatic oedometer machine (26-WF31E20) complete with consolidation cell (26-WF0320)
Calibration and verification facilities via software. Txt files are automatically generated for calibration reports. Each system is factory calibrated.
Real time data of load and displament using touchscreen dispaly (26-WF31E20/T)
Consolidation cells 26-WF0320-WF0335
Detail for load cell, displacement transducer and consolidation cell
Test files can be easily uploaded on the Geo-Analysis templates for data processing; the above screenshot shows the calculation of t50 through the graphical setting of the primary and secondary consolidation fitting lines.

Main Features

  • Versatile fully automatic Oedometer soil consolidation testing machine featuring incremental loading, swelling, CRS (constant rate of strain), CHG (controlled hydraulic gradient) and unconfined test.
  • Environmentally friendly and quiet — the ACE EmS benefits from the new Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology requiring no dead weights or large & noisy air compressors, thus drastically reducing noise levels.
  • Modular and expandable, gradually connect up to 60 units via LAN port using the same PC software allowing you to build your laboratory without interruption — resulting in excellent return on investments.
  • Small footprint featuring a benchtop shorter than 50 cm.
  • Highly performant with load capacity of up to 20 kN, equivalent to 10,000 kPa on 50.47mm Oedometer consolidation cell.
  • Optimized PID closed-loop control delivering fast, smooth and accurate loading and precise load holding through the multiple test steps.
  • Optional local user interface with 6” touch screen high resolution color display allowing full control of a single unit, without a PC, including full test execution. USB pen drive included for unlimited storage, TXT format data output.
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Maximum vertical force: 20 kN
      • Ram travel: 25 mm
      • Minimum testing speed: 0.00001 mm/min
      • Maximum testing speed: 50.00000 mm/min
      • Horizontal clearance: 175 mm
      • Vertical Clearance: 185 mm (265 mm with extension columns)
      • Dimension: 285 x 390 x 590 mm
      • Weights 40 kg (approx.)
      • Power: 220-110 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
      • Power consumption: 400 W
  • ordering info
    • 26-WF31E20
      ACE EmS - Electromechanical Servoactuation, automatic oedometer machine.
      100-220 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

      Important: either the software or the local user interface (see below) are mandatory for running the machine

      PC software for remote control and data acquisition up to 60 units connectable to a single PC.

      26-WF31E20/T (as alternative)
      Optional local user interface with 6” touch screen high resolution color display allowing full control of a single ACE EmS including full test execution.
      No need of PC and software 26-WF31E20/SW for test execution
      Numerical and graphical display of the readings
      Data are recorded on USB pen drive for unlimited storage capacity. TXT format data output
  • accessories
    • Consolidation cells
      It includes loading pad, 2 porous stones, clamping ring and cells.
      Code 26- WF0320 WF0321 WF0325 WF0326 WF0335
      Sample diameter  [mm] 50.47 63.5 71.40 75 112.8
      Height [mm] 20 20 20 20 25
      Area [mm2] 20.00 31.67 40.00 44.16 100.00
      Calibraton Disk 26- WF0320/9 WF0321/9 WF0325/9 WF0326/9 WF0335/9

      Data processing template
      Consolidation Geo-Analysis template conforming to BS 1377:5

      Consolidation Geo-Analysis template conforming to ASTM D2435

      Consolidation Geo-Analysis template conforming to ASTM D4546

      LAN Hub with 8 ports for Wykeham Farrance devices. LAN cable from hub to PC is included

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