Automatic triaxial tests system - AUTOTRIAX2 EmS

The optimization of advanced technologies in hardware and software components for high efficiency triaxial tests

BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | BS 1377:6 | ASTM D7181 | EN 17892:8 | EN 17892:9

Automatic triaxial system AUTOTRIAX 2
Up to six independent triaxial testing system controlled by a single PC and software
Control for closed loop feedback and data acquisition system for measurement recording
Calibration panel with a completed calibration of a pressure transducer
Device setting panel for a pressure/volume data acquisition and control device showing settings for the four channels
Deviator and shear stress plotted against axial strain during a monotonic shar stage
System selected panel showing two triaxial systems are available, with one shared Tritech compression frame

Main Features

  • 24/7 testing without interruption, maximizing productivity and reducing demands on your staff.
  • Automatic execution of up to six independent triaxial tests from start to finish with only one PC;
  • Fully PC control system with multitasking, user-friendly Windows-based, the PC software complies with relevant standards;
  • High-speed PC closed loop control for continuous monitoring and instantaneous reaction of systems components;
  • Modular design for easy expansion of the system, just adding proper software packages and components;
  • Maximum flexibility with four models of water pressure / volume controllers;
  • External factors and inconsistencies between different operators are minimized; test procedures are always repeatable and compliant;
  • Banded reinforced triaxial cell for max working pressure up to 3500 kPa, suitable also for extension tests;
  • Compatible with on-sample transducers and bender elements;
  • Space saving design;
  • Air compressor not required (with exception of unsaturated soils tests).
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Maximum no. of simultaneous tests: 6
      • Maximum no. of channels: 96 (in the most extended configuration)
      • Capacity: 50 kN and 100 kN  (11,000 lbf  and 22,000  lbf)
      • Speed range: 0.00001 – 99.99999 mm/min (0.00001-3.90000 in/min)
      • Specimen range: 38,50,70,100,150 mm diameter (1.5", 2.0", 2.8", 4.0", 6.0" diameter)
      • Water working pressure: 1700 or 3500 kPa ( 250 or 500 psi)
      • Pressure resolution: 0.1 kPa ( 0.01 psi)
      • Maximum capacity of pressure / volume controller: 250 cc
      • Volume resolution: 0.001 cc
      • Effective resolution: 131000 points
      • LAN communication   
      • Units: S.I. Units or US customary Units 
  • ordering info
      Data acquisiton and control unit 

      \#external-load-cells\# or \#submersible-load-cells\#
      Pore pressure 


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