Double wall triaxial cells for unsaturated tests

  • tecnical specifications
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      Product code 28-WF4170 28-WF4171
      Max diamter sample [mm] 70 100
      Sample diamter range [mm] 50 to 70  50 to 100
      Maximum working pressure [kPa] 2000 2000
      Maximum cell height [mm] 690 795
      Cell diamter including valves [mm] 478 535
      Weight (approx) [kg] 30 50
      No. of inlet ports 6 6
      Attachment for vaccum top cap for extension test Included

  • ordering info
    • 28-WF4170 
      Double wall triaxial cell for unsaturated tests on 70 mm dia. soil samples, complete with 6 ports

      Double wall triaxial cell for unsaturated tests on 100 mm dia. soil samples, complete with 6 ports
  • accessories
    • Accessories

      Double-wall triaxial cell unsaturated pedestal
      Pedestal set for unsaturated cell, comprising pedestal, High Air Entry Stone sealed into an aluminium ring and a height compensation ring. Using specific adaptive pedestals.
      It is possible to test specimens with different diameters in the same triaxial cell - see the table below.

      Diameter Double wall triaxial cell
        28-WF4170 28-WF4171
      50 28-WF4170/50 28-WF4171/50
      70 28-WF4170/70 28-WF4171/70
      100   28-WF4171/100

      Unsatured test set for 70mm dia.sample to be fitted in double wall triaxial cell mod. 28-WF4171 comprising:  base pedestal, High Air Entry Stone sealed  on aluminium ring and compensation ring.          

      High Air Entry Stone (HAES) 
      High Air Entry Stones (HAES) An HAES is included with the pedestals as standard but it can be easily replaced with stones of other capacities for 50, 70 and100 mm diameter pedestals - see the table below.

        Pedestal diameter 
      Maximum Pressure [Bar] 50 70 100
      1 28-WF4150/1B 28-WF4170/1B 28-WF4171/1B
      5 28-WF4150/5B 28-WF4170/5B 28-WF4171/5B
      15 28-WF4150/15B 28-WF4170/15B 28-WF4171/15B

      5 bar High Air Entry Stone sealed on alluminium  ring, for 70 mm dia. sample             

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