Pore water pressure measurement

28-WF4450 with three pressure transducers 28-WF6300
Pressure transducer 28-WF6300 with De-airing block 28-WF6310 for Banded triaxial cells
Pressure transducer 28-WF6300 with De-airing block 28-WF4459 for Standard triaxial cells

Main Features

  • Programmable in Imperial or metric units
  • Battery operated
  • Peak function (positive and negative)
  • tecnical specifications
    • Scroll the table
      • Displays: 4x20 characters display
      • Measuring units (programmable): mbar, bar, MPa, kPa, p.s.i.
      • Accuracy: ±0.2% full scale
      • Scanning rate: 50 readings per second
      • Dimensions (lxdxh): 120x130x75 mm
      • Weight approx.: 1 kg
  • ordering info
    • 28-WF4450 
      Three channels digital readout unit for pore pressure measurement. Battery operated.
  • accessories
    • 28-WF6300 
      Pressure transducer, 10 bar

      Pressure transducer, 20 bar

      Pressure transducer, 35 bar

      De-airing block for pressure transducers. For Banded triaxial cells.

      De-airing block for pressure transducers. For Standard triaxial cells.


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