Axis translation method: configuration of test system

Axis Translation Method
Base pedestal with High Air Entry Stone
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    • Typical configuration of a system to perform triaxial tests on unsaturated samples 70 mm dia. with the axis translation method
      Code Description Q.ty
      28-WF4170 Double wall triaxial cell for 70 mm dia. specimens 1
      28-WF4170/1 Pedestal with HAES for 70 mm dia. samples 1
      28-WF4170/2 Top cap for 70 mm dia. samples 1
      28-WF4005 Tritech triaxial testing machine, 50 kN cap. 1
      86-D2015 Air compressor, 50 l 1
      28-WF2016/2 Air filter/water trap for air compressor 1
      28-WF4220/A De-airing tank, 7 l 1
      28-WF2001 Vacuum pump 1
      86-D2005 Air drying unit 1
      86-D0819 Silica gel dessicant with indicator 1
      28-WF4225 Valve panel for de-airing tank 1
      28-WF4331 Pressure control panel, 3 lines 1
      28-WF4330/2 Digital gauge for 28-WF4331 1
      28-WF4320 Bladder air/water cylinder 2
      28-WF4191 Nylon tubing 6x8 mm dia., 10 m 2
      28-WF6353 Submersible load cell, 5 kN cap. 1
      30-WF6208 Displacement transducer 25 mm travel 1
      30-WF6221 Mounting bracket for 25 mm dia. cell ram 1
      28-WF6300 Pressure transducers, 10 bar 2
      28-WF6310 De-airing block 2
      28-WF4410 Automatic volume change apparatus 2
      30-WF6016 Geodatalog, 16 channels datalogger 1
      30-WF6042 Transducer extension cables 6

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