Consolidation bench for triaxial cells

ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9

28-WF0493 with triaxial cells, dial gauges, beam loading devices and weights.
28-WF0493. Detail of the upper frame with the top knob to adjust and level the position of the beam device conforming to the different triaxial cells. The base plate is also suitable for other makes of triaxial cells provided that they feature a centering hole 13 mm dia., 3 mm deep.
Detail of the 28-WF0493/3 beam loading device.

Main Features

  • To perform simultaneously the anisotropic consolisdation stage of three triaxial specimens
  • To reduce the testing time ehere only one triaxial compression machine is available
  • For triaxial cells up to 100 mm dia. specimens
  • Ergonomic design for better use of space in the laboratory
  • Suitable for other make of triaxial cells (with little adjustment)
  • ordering info
    • 28-WF0493 
      Three places consolidation load frame
  • accessories
    • Slotted weights

      Set of weights for specimens from 35 to 70 mm dia.
      Each set, suitable for a single frame complete with Beam loading device 28-WF0493/3, includes:
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 250 g
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 500 g
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 1 kg
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 2 kg
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 4 kg
      Additional set of weights for specimens up to 100 mm dia.
      Each set , suitable for a single frame complete with Beam loading device 28-WF0493/3, is used in addition to the 28-WF0493/1 weight set for anisotropic consolidation of large size specimens. It includes:
      • No. 4 Slotted steel weight 8 kg
      Beam loading device

      Beam loading device 10:1 ratio.
      Used to amplify the axial load to be applied on the specimen. The lever is completed with a screw jack support with handle.
      Dial gauges and strain transducers for measuring axial displacement
      To be selected conforming to the specimen size and type of measurement: analogical with dial gauges or electronic with displacement transducers to be connected to a suitable Data acquisition and processing system.

      Dial gauge 30x0.01 mm

      Dial gauge 50x0.01 mm

      Axial strain transducer 25 mm travel

      Axial strain transducer 50 mm travel

      Mounting bracket for dial gauges and axial transducers.
      Locking device

      Piston locking device for traxial cells 28-WF0410/A, 28-WF0411/A and 28-WF0416/A.
      To hold in place the piston and compression top cap on the specimen.
      Not necessary with the other triaxal cells.

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