Direct and residual shear testing machine DIGISHEAR

ASTM D3080 | AASHTO T236 | BS 1377:7 | CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10 | NF P94-071

Digital direct/residual shear machine DIGISHEAR (27-WF20D60) with analogue measurement
Shear box assembly
27-WF1002/ST Load ring with adapter
30-WF6207, 30 –WF6208 Displacement transducers
27-WF0377/ST, 5 kN load cell
Digital direct/residual shear machine DIGISHEAR (27-20D60) fitted with digital measuring system

Main Features

  • Maximum horizontal force: 5 kN
  • Maximum vertical force: 5 kN
  • Infinitely variable speed from 0.00001 to 15.00000 mm/min
  • Digital display LCD 4-row by 20 characters
  • High stiffness load chain shear box - driving head - load cell
  • Compatible with shear boxes up to 100 mm diameter or square
  • Sturdy shear box techno-polymeric carriage untouchable by corrosion
  • Test velocity and travel (forward and reverse) adjustable (residual shear test)
  • Suitable for analogue or digital measurement with dedicated external data acquisition
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Maximum shear force: 5000 N
      • Maximum vertical force: 500 N or 5000 N using 10:1 cantilever loading device supplied with the machine
      • Maximum horizontal travel: 23 mm
      • Test speed: from 0.00001 to 15.00000 mm/min
      • Digital display: LCD 4 row by 20 characters
      • Sample type and size: up to 100 mm square or round
      • Overall dimensions: 1040 x 350 x 1200 mm (l x d x h)
      • Multivoltage: Multifrequency power supply 230 V, 50 Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz
  • ordering info
    • 27-WF20D60
      Digishear, direct and residual shear testing machine with digital LCD display
      110-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
  • accessories
    • Analogue measuring device

      Load ring
      Load ring 2 kN capacity, with adapters

      Load ring 5 kN capacity, with adapters

      Dial gauge

      Dial gauge for measuring vertical deformation, 12 mm travel and 0.002 resolution

      Dial gauge for measuring horizontal deformation, 30 mm travel and 0.01 resolution

      Electronic measuring device

      Load cell

      Load cell 5 kn capacity, with adapters

      Displacement transducers
      Linear potentio
      metric transducer, 10 mm travel, for vertical deformation, complete with mounting block

      Linear potentiometric transducer, 25 mm travel, for horizontal deformation, complete with mounting block


      Geodatalog 8

      Set of four cable adapters

      Shear box: including loading pad, base plate, 2 plain grind plates, 2 perforated grid plates and 2 sintered bronze porous stone
      Code 27- WF0215/B WF0216/B WF0217/B WF0218/B WF0219/B WF0222/B
      Shape Square Square Round Round Round Round
      Sample size [mm] 60 100 50 60 63.5 100
      Sample cutter 27- WF0215/B7 WF0216/B7 WF0217/B7 WF0218/B7 WF0219/B7 WF0222/B7
      Extrusion dolly 27- WF0215/8 WF0216/8 WF0217/8 WF0218/8 WF0219/8 WF0222/8

      Weight set

      Weight set 37.5 kg comprising 2x0.25, 2x0.5, 2x1, 3x2, 3x4 and 2x8 kg weights

      Additional weight set

      Weigtht set 34 kg comprising 2x1, 1x2 and 3x10 kg weights

      Data processing template

      Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to BS 1377:7

      Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to ASTM D3080

      Note: in case of analogue acquisition template can be filled in manually

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