Hydraulic consolidation cell for unsatureted samples

Main Features

  • Hydraulic loading
  • For saturated and unsaturated specimens
  • Use of the High Air Entry Stone (HAES)
  • Measurement of pore and back pressure during testing
  • Accurate permeability measurements
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Manufactured from anodized light alloy, complete with 4 valves, top loading porous disk, compensator ring, 2 bar High Air Entry Stone sealed on aluminium ring.
      • For 100 mm dia. soil samples
      • Maximum working pressure: 3500 kPa
      • Overall dimensios (dxh): 260x450 mm
      • Weight approx.: 10 kg
  • ordering info
    • 26-WF0346 
      Hydrocon SWCC consolidation cell for 100 mm dia. unsaturated samples
  • accessories
    • High Air Entry Stone (HAES) 

      Code Capacity [bar]
      26-WF0346/5B 5
      26-WF0346/15B 15

      Ex: 26-WF0346/1B 
      1 bar High Air Entry Stone for 100 mm dial sample suitable for Hydrocon SWCC mod. 26-WF0346

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