Laboratory vane apparatus

ASTM D4648 | BS 1377:7

Laboratory vane apparatus 27-WF17D30
Detail of the motorized attachment (e.g. 27-WF17D30/2) mounted on vane apparatus (27-WF17D30)
Vane Apparatus (27-WF17D30) fitted with holding sampling tube (28-WF1738) and 100 mm sampling tube.
Vane Apparatus (27-WF17D30) fitted with holding sampling tube (27-WF1738) and sample container.

Main Features

The laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus measures the shear strength of cohesive soils and is particularly useful for soils with low shear strength. Vane shear testing is a fast and economical method of measuring the shear strength of clay compared with elaborate tri-axial shear or direct shear tests.
This apparatus tests undrained strength of soils, both in undisturbed and remoulded conditions.
  • EASY PRELIMINARY TEST: a rapid method of determining soft soil shear strength, when an immediate value is required.
  • READY TO USE: Supplied with a 12.7 x 12.7mm Standard Vane and set of four calibrated springs.
  • EASY TO UPGRADE: Simple upgrade from manual to motorized versions.
  • ALTERNATIVE CONFIGURATIONS: Supplied with a 200mm base plate for standard specimen molds and sample containers. The optional attachment will also firmly hold sample tubes up to 100 mm, sample jars or a special container.
  • tecnical specifications
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      • Vane 12.7 x 12.7 mm included
      • Four calibrated springs each with deflection/load
      • Weight: 11 kg approx.
      • Dimensions: 620 x 250 x 280 mm (H x W x D)  

  • ordering info
    • 27-WF17D30
      - Laboratory Vane Apparatus for soil shear strength determination.
      Supplied with:
      - 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm vane
      - set of four calibrated springs each with deflection/load chart
      The system can be upgraded with a motorized actuator (to be ordered separately). 

  • accessories
    • Vanes
      27-WF1732 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm vane
      27-WF1733 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm vane
      27-WF1734 12.7 mm x 19 mm vane
      Motorizing attachment
      Model Standard Speed [°/min] Voltage
      27-WF17D30/2 BS 1377:7 6 to 12 220V,50Hz,1Ph
      27-WF17D30/2Y BS 1377:7 6 to 12 220V,60Hz,1Ph
      27-WF17D30/3 ASTM D4648 60 to 90 220V,50Hz,1Ph
      27-WF17D30/3Y ASTM D4648 60 to 90 220V,60Hz,1Ph
      27-WF17D30/4 ASTM D4648 60 to 90 110V,60Hz,1Ph
      Holding sample tube attachment
      27-WF1738 Attachment for sampling tube or cylindrical container  
      27-WF1731 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm vane
      27-WF1735/A Set of kgf calibrated springs for laboratory vane apparatus  

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