Load measuring rings for triaxial test

Load ring fit with 28-WF1049 connector for triaxial cells
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    • Load measuring rings with analogue dial gauge 0.01 mm, analogue dial gauge 0.001 mm and digital dial gauge 0.001 mm.

       Load Ring 
       Dial Gauge 0.01 
       Dial Gauge 0.001 
       Dial Gauge 0.001 
      0.5 kN T1000/05C T1000/05M T1000/05D
      1 kN T1000/1C T1000/1M T1000/1D
      2 kN T1000/2C T1000/2M T1000/2D
      3 kN T1000/3C T1000/3M T1000/3D
      5 kN T1000/5C T1000/5M T1000/5D
      10 kN T1000/10C T1000/10M T1000/10D
      15 kN T1000/15C T1000/15M T1000/15D
      20 kN T1000/20C T1000/20M T1000/20D
      30 kN T1000/30C T1000/30M T1000/30D
      40 kN T1000/40C T1000/40M T1000/40D
      50 kN T1000/50C T1000/50M T1000/50D
      60 kN T1000/60C T1000/60M T1000/60D
      100 kN T1000/100C T1000/100M T1000/100D

  • accessories
    • 28-WF1049 
      Connector for triaxial cells.

      Adapter to connect the load rings ( up to 10 kN cap.) to the crosshead of CBR/Marshall. Multispeed and Uniframe 50-100 kN 

      Stem brake unit.
      Usable with all analogues dial gauges.

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